Breaking…Schumer Knew Violence Was Coming J6 – Did Nothing


Senator Schumer, the House leader, was informed by the Capitol Deputy Police Chief, Sean Gallagher, that there was likely to be trouble on January 6th, and Schumer didn’t do anything about it.

He knew three weeks before.

That is according to new documents obtained by John Solomon of Just the News.

Nancy Pelosi did nothing about it and she’s in charge of Capitol security. Muriel Bowser, the mayor of D.C., didn’t do anything either. Now we know that Schumer did nothing too.

Two days before the rally, Donald Trump got his acting Secretary of Defense to alert the National Guard to come in. He couldn’t do it on his own. Nancy Pelosi or Muriel Bowser had to invite them in and they would not. They refused.

John Solomon, the CEO, and Editor in Chief of Just the News broke the story of Chuck Schumer refusing to act.


Solomon was on Bill O’Reilly’s show this afternoon and told Bill that he “just got new documents, just like an hour ago, that show back the first warnings that the Capitol Police received about potential violence, about their target – their tunnels being targeted, about people bringing guns to the Capitol, go all the way back to December 21st.

“Think about that,” Solomon says. “They had 3 weeks to prepare after being told there was likely to be violence.

“By the way, from the FBI, and from the Homeland Security Department. So, this is very specific intelligence coming from the top intelligence realms of the U.S government, and they do nothing during the holidays.

“On January 2nd, they get an invite from President Trump’s Pentagon to, Hey, don’t you want some National Guard? And the police say no. Then 2 days later, they get buyer’s remorse on that no answer. And they go back and say, yeah, we probably do. Let me go check with Nancy Pelosi. And Pelosi’s Sergeant at Arms turns them down saying, we don’t like the optics. By the way, optics is not a security term, it’s a political term.”

“So, they made a political decision over security. And then the next day, more intelligence comes in, even more specific, more serious, intelligence, and nobody adjusts. The only person that gets a heads up that night, is Chuck Schumer. They don’t adjust the plan. And the Capitol police, men and women, go to work on the morning of the 6, unaware that there is a-.”

O’Reilly asked, “Their own people didn’t even tell them. Their own leadership didn’t even tell them. Now, the January 6 committee has not raised that at all. Is that correct?”

“Right. This is, this is not on their-.”

“They don’t want to talk about this.”

“No, don’t want to talk about it all.”

“The liberal media, New York Times, Washington Post, have you seen anything in those papers on this?

“Nothing. They’re – radio silence.”

“The network news? NBC, CBS, ABC – they reported this?” Bill asked.


O’Reilly says, “So, the corruption level in this country is, I think it’s 9 and a half, with 10 being the worst, right? We’re pretty much there, I think.”

“Listen, the same alliance that we saw during the false Russia collusion story, we see with January 6. The media, the bureaucrats, and the Democrats, and I guess you could throw Liz Cheney in there, are all sticking to a narrative, regardless of what the facts are. They’re ignoring the facts that run contrary to the arguments the Democrats made. They did this during Russia to their own peril. And I guarantee you, by next year, the media’s entire storyline on January 6 will be in reversal. It already is now, they’re just not reporting it.”

Liz Cheney keeps accusing Donald Trump of dereliction of duty but Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Muriel Bowser are actually guilty of dereliction of duty.

The Democrats didn’t take prior warnings seriously or didn’t want to.

In the summer of 2019, six months after Pelosi took over as Speaker, Capitol Police told Rep Zoe Lofgren that they don’t control the men, and don’t do intelligence well. They’re under-resourced and don’t have equipment. A hearing followed and no one did anything.

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