Napa Release Paul Pelosi’s Mugshot


The Napa County Department of Corrections released a booking photo Monday showing Paul Pelosi after his arrest for allegedly driving under the influence back on May 28. Fox News posted it earlier.

Paul Pelosi’s mugshot.

His hearing is on August 3rd and we’ll find out at that time if he is facing charges.

The 82-year-old Pelosi is the multi-millionaire husband of Far-left Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He is accused of driving with a blood-alcohol level over .08% – the legal limit.

Normally-released information is withheld. Even a description of property damage or injuries is withheld.

“In Napa County, the decision to release or withhold mugshots or booking photos lies with the Napa County Department of Corrections, not the District Attorney’s Office,” a county spokesperson said in a statement Monday. “In the days after Mr. Pelosi’s arrest, Napa County followed the Department of Corrections’ policy regarding the release of booking photos and mugshots. Mr. Pelosi received the same treatment under that policy that all individuals released from County Jail receive.”

This doesn’t interest me at all but we can’t help but wonder if he will fact the same issues a peasant will face.

More to come.

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