BREAKING! Warren Claimed She Was ‘American Indian’ on TX Bar App


We have all heard about the many times Elizabeth Warren claimed Native American ancestry to get ahead in her career and to get jobs. She has always denied it and released some inconclusive documents to allegedly show she didn’t use ancestry to get ahead.

Recently, she took a DNA test that mostly put the lie to that.

Since she wants to be President, Warren privately apologized to the Cherokee Nation for taking a DNA test, not for her lying in general.

She’s never been an American India, and she’s always been an arrogant liar.

“I can’t go back,” Warren said in an interview with The Washington Post. “But I am sorry for furthering confusion on tribal sovereignty and tribal citizenship and harm that resulted.”

The Washington Post obtained Warren’s registration card for the State Bar of Texas, providing a previously undisclosed example of Warren identifying as an “American Indian.”


After publication, we added the following clip about her pervasive fraud.

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