Breonna’s boyfriend at first said she fired at the police, not him


Breonna Taylor’s parents demanded the release of secret grand jury tapes related to their daughter’s case and a judge agreed with them. The parents were already awarded $12 million for wrongful death and they might want to consider taking the money and letting it go. None of the revelations make their daughter look better.

Twenty hours of grand jury recordings were released.

In the latest releases, according to Officer Hankinson, Breonna’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker said at first that Breonna shot at the officers, not him. He later said he is the one who shot at them.

If he lied about that, maybe he lied about cops not identifying themselves. His drug friends were very upset about Breonna’s death and they were upset that he fired at the police. His story took care of that problem.

One of Taylor’s neighbors also told investigators that police had told her that “some drug-dealing girl shot an officer.”

Officers had a ‘no-knock’ warrant to search Taylor’s apartment for drugs the night she was killed. In any case, the police have said they knocked three times over the course of a minute and identified themselves before opening fire after the first officer inside her door was struck by a bullet.

Walker said he didn’t know they were police.

No officers were charged with murder, two were found to have fired in self-defense. Officer Hankinson is indicted on minor charges of firing wantonly because three of his bullets went through the apartment next door.


The mob demanded charging the officers with murder and when they weren’t, the mob lashed out at the Attorney General.

The Republican Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron hit out at ‘repugnant’ critics who called him a ‘race traitor’ for his handling of the case just hours before the grand jury audio was released.

He spoke out on Tucker’s show last night:

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Obama's boyfriend
Obama's boyfriend
2 months ago

What a lovely picture of the apes in the zoo. Its not the zoo? Who let the apes loose?

Nature Boy
Nature Boy
3 years ago

His testimony is worth its weight in gold. No knock warrants should be abolished everywhere.
Das Radio reported that the boyfriend was using her address for forms and mail.