BRICS Is Rising


When the US and Europe weaponized SWIFT – the global financial system – in an attempt to isolate Russia, the US fell into dangerous waters. BRICS and their bank are quickly taking SWIFT’s place. The dollar as the global currency will likely fade into history. reports:

Egypt is joining BRICS’ New Development Bank. “Egypt’s joining of the BRICS Group’s New Development Bank will also relieve the state budget of the pressure of finding US dollars to meet the country’s imports as members of the Bank can use their national currencies in exchange for trade,” said Abdel-Hamid, deputy chairman of the House’s Economic Committee.

MP Ahmed El-Awadi, head of the House’s Defence and National Security Committee, said that the success of Egypt in joining the BRICS Group’s New Development Bank reflects confidence in the Egyptian economy. It also represents a step in fighting the dollarisation phenomenon and opens new markets for Egypt’s agricultural and industrial products.

MP Mervat Mattar said, “the BRICS group is an important forum that can steer the course of the international economy away from American domination and the US dollar.” She added that “due to the war in Ukraine, we in Egypt have been suffering from a severe shortage of foreign exchange, particularly US dollars, to meet our import needs. This agreement comes to reduce demand on the US dollar and opens new horizons of economic cooperation with a big economic bloc like the BRICS group”.

iran just applied to join BRICS.

According to RT, and we know it is the case, Saudi Arabia is interested in joining BRICS.

“The five BRICS nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – currently account for more than 40% of the world’s population and nearly a quarter of the global GDP. Meanwhile, the China and Russia-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a regional security bloc, includes major powers like India in its ranks,” RT reports.

NATO represents only 22% of the nations, while BRICS represents 40% and it is growing. Why would anyone join a system that is weaponized?

Ukraine has accelerated the downfall. Before you call us Putin puppets, do the math, look at the facts. That’s all this is about.

KitDotCom’s prediction in the tweet below is bleak, but no one is stopping the collapse. The Biden Regime appears set to manage a fast downfall. If you don’t believe it, look at what they are doing. No one will stop the spending, and Biden is alienating everyone except some weak European nations.

The World Economic Forum is ready to step in with global totalitarian rule.

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1 year ago

Interest on the US Debt will double if SWIFT collapses and the USD is no longer the Reserve Currency.

1 year ago

Nothing to ponder about Brazil? When Bolsonaro was still president, Brazil joined BRICS. Bolsonaro wasn’t a communist and a people protector. Now . . . what of the communist Lula? Will he play along or support the West’s bankruptsy agenda by withdrawing form Brics? He’s doing everything else that’s woke.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

Still do not believe that Brandon IS doing his ‘appointed’ job???.Bye bye USA!!!