Brilliant scholar Thomas Sowell warns of the “point of no return for this country”


Mark Levin interviewed retired professor and author Dr. Thomas Sowell on Sunday during his thought-provoking Fox News show, Life, Liberty, and Levin.

Libertarian economics scholar, Thomas Sowell said the claims of “systemic racism” and “oppression” remind him of the Goebbels propaganda in the age of the Nazis. It has no meaning. As Goebbels proposed, people will believe anything if it’s repeated often enough and loud enough.

Sowell earlier in the interview said he couldn’t believe it could get as bad as it has in this country with people repeating utter nonsense.

Levin discussed the socialist police states with Sowell explaining that socialism always does lead to authoritarianism.

That is when he got into the 1619 Project and Republicans being forced to defend the Founding. He asked Mr. Sowell if he sees it that way. Sowell said what he sees is the “point of no return.”

“What I see is if the election goes to Biden,” he stated, “there’s a good chance that the Democrats will control all three branches, the two branches of Congress and the White House, and considering the kinds of things that they’re proposing, that could well be the point of no return for this country.”



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