Brit Gets 2 Years in Prison for “Racist Slogans” from Leftist Judge


Britain is hopelessly lost. They’ve abandoned freedom after giving us the wonderful foundation of our judicial system. A judge of questionable character sentenced a man named Sam Melia to two years in prison for “racist” stickers.

“Reject white guilt,” “Stop anti-white rape gangs,” “Love your nation,” “We will be a minority in our homeland by 2066,” and “Stop mass immigration” are the alleged racist slogans. They’re all factual, but we haven’t seen all 200 in his collection.

Sam Melia, 34, was in charge of an online collection of downloadable stickers that contained anti-immigration messages for activists of the “Hundred Handers” group.

Pre-Crimes? This Won’t End Well

The prosecution argued that the stickers were intended to stir up racial hatred. In other words, this is a pre-crime or a thought crime.

The far-right organizer claimed they intended to “start a conversation” and that he was unaware that the stickering would count as criminal damage.

Melia was charged in December 2022 after evidence showed he established and maintained a database of around 200 stickers.

The same judge spared a pedo who had rape images of children as young as three. He didn’t get any jail time.

Europe was never committed to free speech like the US, but they were never this bad. We could give every rapper ten years in a US pententiary if we used this standard.

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