Federal Debt Went Up $100 Billion in Only Four Days


Federal debt is up $100 billion in just four days. We’re on track for $37 trillion by the end of this year. And $40 trillion by the end of next, Peter St. Onge warns.

A prominent Wharton professor is warning of a “meltdown” as early as 2025 as debt swamps financial markets.

National Debe in 2017 was 19 trillion, and Paul Krugman complained that we weren’t spending enough.
At some point, the US will crash, probably sooner than later.

“Juan Gomez Wharton, senior vice Dean of Research at Wharton, warns the $34 trillion debt, soon to be 35 trillion, could trigger a spiral like we saw in Britain in 2022 when national debt fears spiked interest rates, sparking panic selling in bonds that threatened to crash the economy and bankrupt banks and even pensions…”

St. Onge said, “The CEO’s of Bank of America and JP Morgan, the two biggest in the country recently warned of a quote market rebellion over debt as we careen towards a $5 trillion quote fiscal Cliff at the end of next year.

“Keep in mind that’s all counting current projections. In other words, it assumes no new trillion dollar spending surprises and it also assumes no recession, so the fabled soft landing, if instead a recession does hit, then going by history, the deficit grows potentially by another couple trillion as social spending spikes and tax collection slump.

“Even without recession and those new spending surprises, we’re looking at 37 trillion in debt by the end of this year and 40 trillion by the end of next year. It’s worth noting that’s about twice the pace that the Congressional Budget Office forecast…

“$144 trillion…Yes, that was the forecast that said we’ll have $144 trillion in federal debt by 2053. Now, when it came out, that 144 trillion was met with an audible gasp. After all, that is more than literally all the money in the world. It’s about one-third of the accumulated assets of humanity, and at the moment, we’re actually going a lot faster…

“Washington has lost all semblance of fiscal sanity at this point. They’re competing for who can drain the treasury fastest…”

He didn’t even mention BRICS and de-dollarization.

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