How Republicans Are Voting So Far! Haley Wins Open Primary VT


Donald Trump is winning his primaries so far except for Vermont which has gone to Nikki Haley who openly courts Democrats. Vermont is an open primary state, which means she likely had a lot of Democrats vote for her.

Nikki Haley has cleared her events, which sounds like she’s dropping out. Her showing was abysmal.

Open primaries should be done away with since they make the primary meaningless. I’m surprised New York hasn’t switched to an open primary yet. It’s the only vote Republicans have here in New York, which is completely socialist because of New York City. Long Island and Upstate are mostly Republican.

There are three forms of primaries.

In open primary election, any registered voter can pick candidates from any political party. It allows votes from eligible voters even if they aren’t registered with that party or changing their party affiliation.

Closed primary elections limit participation to registered voters affiliated with a particular party. The election for a closed primary is more restricted as voters declared to be party members are the only ones who can vote.

The semi-closed primary or mixed primary is the middle ground. Here, independent voters or unaffiliated voters can take part in the primary election of any political party they choose. Meanwhile, voters with political affiliation can only take part in their political party’s primary election.

MSM is trying to spin Haley’s pathetic delegates in a few states as a win. Karl Rove is concerned that he can’t unite the party. Anyone on the right who will vote for Biden over Trump or stay home is casting a ballot for the destruction of this nation. That’s just the reality. Like Trump or not, he’s all we have.


As of 9:45 pm EST, Donald Trump won Virginia, Colorado, Massachusetts, Texas, Alabama, Maine, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Iowa, and North Carolina.

We’re waiting on Alaska, Calfornia, and Utah.

Biden is sweeping the board as expected since he doesn’t have any competition.

Politico Election Results HERE
CNN Election Results HERE

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