Brit Hume slams Schiff & Comey as liars engaged in “misconduct”


In an appearance on Fox News at Night, Brit Hume pointed out the outrageous comments made by Jim Comey in a recent Fox interview. He also took on Adam ‘Shifty’ Schiff.

Brit Hume told Shannon Bream that the dossier was “essential” to get the FISA warrant which doesn’t square with what Jim Comey told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

It wasn’t “sloppiness” either as Comey described it, Hume said. “It was a series of errors…all of which pointed in the same direction, all negative for the President, exculpatory information that was known to the FBI people was kept out or kept away from the FISA judge. This to any definition is misconduct.”

Bream asked about Adam Schiff who said he was unaware of the FISA abuses. Of course, he’s lying here.

As Brit Hume said, what Schiff is claiming flies in the face of the IG report and the “much-derided Devin Nunes memo that grew out of the Nunes-led investigation of the investigation” in early 2018.

Schiff not only saw the Nunes memo but came back with a memo of his own. His claim is “preposterous.”

“One of the wonders for him of modern media” is the failure of his colleagues to not see through Schiff.

“He has been dishonest repeatedly” and made false claims about Russia-Trump collusion. He is still lying about it and “gets tapped by Nancy Pelosi to lead the impeachment inquiry,” Hume said.

The Sentinel believes she does this to irritate — unnerve — the GOP and the President. She is a wicked old Marxist.

Hume also said it’s not plausible that he didn’t have complete involvement in the investigation. Hume finds Comey’s statement of not knowing what was going on to be “remarkable.”


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