Brit Hume trends for the unforgivable — mildly criticizing Michelle


Fox News political analyst Brit Hume had the audacity to somewhat criticize Michelle Obama. Actually, it was just an observation and a preference. He said he preferred ‘likable’ Jill Biden to ‘angry’ Michelle. Jill Biden does the interviews and major speeches now in lieu of her husband. For his comments, Mr. Hume is trending on Twitter and that is not a good thing in this case.

People accused him of racism, of course:

Brit Hume from Fox News said that Jill Biden was “likable” unlike “angry” Michelle Obama. Typical racist response from Fox News. Would you expect anything different from those racist bastards?

Some called the Fox audience racist, of course:

Brit Hume obviously did not watch Michelle Obama’s inspirational, uplifting speech if he’s saying that she was “hard and angry.” And he’s assuming the rest of his racist audience didn’t watch it either because that’s their shorthand for “Black Woman.”

Some also called Brit a misogynist:

Brit Hume is a misogynist, a racist, and a coward.

And on and on it goes.

When will Republicans understand they don’t have free speech? Any criticism of Democrats, especially those who are black, will bring the wrath of the cancel culturists, the MSM, and social media down upon you.

Victor Davis Hanson said on Tucker’s show last night that the progressives suffer no consequences for anything they say. It’s easy to say something from your estate because there won’t be any shootings on Martha’s Vineyard or BLM marches outside the door.

He noted that Michelle Obama says they go high while the opponents go low. But, audaciously, she says this after her husband weaponized the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and is subject to a massive probe by a federal attorney. The administration tried to destroy the current administration.

The members of the press are not journalists. They are activists who are part of the progressive agenda, Mr. Hanson said. We don’t have the press we once had.

Tucker Carlson addressed the Michelle Obama critiques last night on his Fox show:

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