Britain Shuts Down Free Speech, Imprisons Those With Whom They Disagree


“I am trying to recall a legal case where someone was convicted of a ‘crime’ which cannot be reported on”. ~ UKIP Member of the European Parliament for London, Gerald Batten Mr. Batten must have forgotten Stalinist Russia, Cuba, North Korea

Tommy Robinson, for those who don’t know, is a right-wing activist and immigration critic. He is especially concerned about Islam. His highlighting of crimes committed by Muslim immigrants has gained him a large following, particularly beyond the shores of his own country, England. His past history includes mortgage fraud, but it does seem irrelevant here.

Robinson is not far-right or hard-right, he is simply right.

Tommy Robinson was arrested last week for ‘a breach of the peace’ while live-streaming people going into the trial of a Muslim sex grooming gang (sex slave) trial at Leeds Crown Court. Further reports say he has received a custodial sentence.

There was no ‘breach of peace’, no crowds, no violence. He asked questions of defendants going into the court. They responded in a vile manner.

Seven coppers showed up to drag Tommy Robinson away for trying to report on the trial. The judge put a gag order on the case. It seems their laws allow them — in part, thanks to their version of the Patriot Act — to imprison people without proper due process and even representation. The judge used a trick in the law to put him in jail for 13 months based on a previous reporting incident which put Robinson on probation May 2017 for 19 months. He was sentenced and imprisoned for months in 4 hours.

Robinson’s lawyer hadn’t seen him and no one is allowed to discuss what happened. On the other hand, it takes years and years to try Islamic rape gangs, terrorists, and find unlawful immigrants. He was sentenced for violating the terms of his probation but he didn’t. He added no new information and did not violate his agreement. All he said outside the court was the names of the defendants and the grounds.


Most striking and concerning is the fact that no one is allowed to report the story. RT, The Sun, Breitbart London, the Mirror and other news outlets have been made to take their stories down. Some have defied the order, including The Independent.

Tommy was arrested for only saying what the mainstream media was saying.

These are the tactics of a police state.


Robinson’s supporters say the jails are so unsafe that a prison sentence for Tommy will be a death sentence given his outspokenness and the numbers of radical Islamists in the prisons. Radical Islamists actually get themselves arrested for a year or two to radicalize the prisoners.

UKIP Peer Malcolm Lord Pearson has written to Home Secretary Sajid Javid today saying : if Tommy is murdered or injured in prison he and others will mount a private prosecution against Mr Javid as an accessory, or for misconduct in public office.


It’s all legal because the UK does not have a Bill of Rights. They do not have a First Amendment as we do in the United States. That is one of the Amendments Democrats want to eliminate with hate speech laws and by knocking down the other Amendments such as the Second. Make no mistake, once one Amendment is gone, they will all fall.

A Supreme Court ruling in the case of the Pentagon Papers in 1971 makes it almost impossible to have a similar publication ban in the States – FOR NOW.

Tommy’s followers are at great risk if they report what was known beyond that which is already in the public sphere.

The Muslim grooming trials are on throughout the UK but no one can talk about them.


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