Brokaw hopes to end his once-fine career as a fake news hack


NBC News Tom Brokaw portrayed Trump on Twitter yesterday as an unfeeling complainer who has no empathy for virus victims or the economic tsunami. Trump, he said, “only offers false promise of triumphant recovery.”

He yelled out,”HE’S.”

After President Trump expressed his deep concerns for the victims later that day, Brokaw, the news dinosaur, didn’t apologize. Instead, he said he was “catching up.” Reluctantly, he admitted the President was “obviously affected when asked about COVID victims.”

He said he is giving “credit where it is due,” but, actually, what he was doing was covering up for his first fake tweet.

He worked himself up for his first tweet and then realized how he revealed himself by the second tweet.

He forgot to mention Trump casinos in his second tweet, maybe because that was fake too!

Apparently, he wants to end his career as an old fake news hack who demonizes people he hates.

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