Obama lapdog Brennan spews pure hate against Trump after Flynn case is dropped


An enraged former CIA Director, John Brennan, who is deeply tied to Spygate, slammed President Trump on Saturday after the DOJ dropped its case against Flynn.

The Flynn case was dropped because there was no crime.

During an interview on Fox & Friends Friday morning, co-host Brian Kilmeade asked Trump, “Why did it take a judge to release these [Flynn] documents and where was the FBI Director Chris Wray? Why did he not put this out?”

President Trump said, “Well, a lot of things are going to be told over the next couple of weeks, and let’s see what happens. He was appointed by Rod Rosenstein and a lot of things are coming out. You’ll see a lot of things coming out. It’s disappointing.”

Brennan is lashing out and it’s probably because he knows he is in the crosshairs.

“It is unsurprising President Trump enjoys wallowing in his fetid self-indulgence, but I find it surreal that so many other government officials encourage his ignorance, incompetence, & destructive behavior,” said Brennan.

“BTW, history will be written by the righteous, not by his lickspittle.” he added.

This is pure hatred coming from a former CIA director but he is probably still counting on the media and far-left historians to back him up. We don’t know exactly what his role was yet, but we do know he was the CIA chief and very close to all the action. There are specific incidences in which he appeared to actively promote and push out the fake dossier, Hillary Clinton’s opp research.

If anyone writes lickspittle, it’s Obama’s spaniel John Brennan, a former communist or maybe not former.



    • This corrupt Muslim American-Citizen-Hater is sweating bullets as his fellow subversives are being revealed by honest prosecutors. The noose is cinching down on the head of the snake. What rational leader would choose this fool to lead?

      • They ALL need to pay, but probably NONE of them will. The deep state protects its own. This charade of justice has been going on for nearly 4 years with no one prosecuted. If they can drag this out past the election and Trump loses or the GOP loses control of both houses of Congress, no one ever will be prosecuted.

  1. When a soulless communist hates you to this degree then you know you’re doing things that are right for America and not Mother Russia or China or any other enemy.

  2. Does anyone other than me give a crap for what that communist (Yes, a card carrying one to boot!) Brennan says or does? Really?

  3. They are all freaking out now, even Obama. The rats will soon start turning on each other to save themselves.

    Many don`t even know this but it was Brennan who was the CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia that overrode the visa ban on the terrorists that drove the planes on 9/11. He is the one that issued their visas.

  4. Once a communist always a communist .I could never understand why this dirty bastard was ever confirmed for CIA head in the first place now we know what a America hater they all were from Odumbo on down .we have been screwed.

  5. “The only good commie, is a dead commie “ This particular commie traitor should should have rope burns by now.

  6. It’s going to be very interesting if Flynn actually does get his day in court to see if this cia scumbag will get justice?? or if he is going to turn out to be yet another untouchable like the Clintons and Obama???

  7. I see Brennan and Obama as the “architects of the Fake Russian Dossier to take down campaigner Trump, then continue against him as POTUS.”
    The Evil, Commie Brennan most likely had a LOT on Obama, as he pushed his way into being Dir. of the CIA….Obama of course, wanted him as a Secret Partner in “Ousting POTUS Trump”…..it continued with ALL of Obama’s Intel Agencies, Dirty Directors, and dirty Agents who did Obama’s Bidding.

    They ALL were in the tank to insure a Hillary win, so she would continue the widespread CORRUPTION of Obama and herself
    and ALL THEIR CRIMINALITY-hidden from the American Citizens.

    It will ALL come out soon, as you cannot Lie/Spy and Use ALL Gov’t Agencies like your “Weapons, which Obama did AGAINST the American Citizens and this Republic.

    Obama is up to his eyeballs in all this along with Brennan who acted just like Holder….A Henchman. They ALL need to be indicted and pay for their crimes, as ANY of us would have!

    We do NOT have TWO sets of Laws, one for the “Elitist/Politicos and Another for ‘We the People” as Obama, Hillary, Brennan, etal. Broke ALL THE RULES and OUR LAWS!

  8. We’re going to watch Brennan and Clapper Hang for TREASON..Then Obama and Clinton..It will be a new Holiday.

  9. L’obama and Brennan should both be publicly executed. Along with the rest of the traitors involved in this coup plot. No mercy no quarter. A public bounty would be even better.

  10. Brennan, and the rest of the coup plotters, are scared spitless. They see the lamposts in DC, and elsewhere, as thier future homes. The more they scream and try to misdirect the attention to the POTUS, the clearer it becomes the importance of the documents just given to the WH by acting DNI Grenell.
    Then there is the investigations by Barr/Durham, which may reveal more deep state skullduggery. Probably will.
    The screaming and gnashing of teeth from the left will be monumental and deafening. Welcome music to the true patriots of this great nation.
    Even better is the sight of the decorated lamposts in DC and elsewhere with the husks of those involved. This should be epic, if justice is to be served. Finally.
    Just sayin’.

  11. Somebody needs to off this POS. One behind the ear would work. All traitors must be eliminated with extream prejudice.

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