Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Confirms Police Don’t Have Discretion in Arrests


A Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy confirmed last evening on the Ingraham Angle that because of a feckless school board, the police cannot arrest juveniles who need to be arrested. Police don’t have discretionary powers when making arrests.

Yesterday, we posted a summary of an investigation by a writer at The Last Refuge. The author has in the past probed the disciplinary procedures of the Broward County School District. Broward of course is the site of the recent mass murder of 17 innocent children and staff. He outlines a strong argument, with documentation, that a failed police-school system allowed serious crimes to go unreported and kept criminal youth in the schools and on the streets.

If true, it proves the most corrupt police monitor the schools and criminal youth are too rarely held to account. A deputy to the Sheriff of Broward just lent credence to the story.


Jeff Bell is the President of the Broward Sheriff’s Deputies Association and works under Sheriff Israel. Deputy Bell blames the Broward school board in part for the tragedy at Stoneman this month.

There are a number of programs at the school aimed at keeping the arrests of juveniles down. Everyone can agree that is a desirable outcome.

The problem comes in, he said, with the way it is implemented in the Promise Program. The program agreement between the school and police took all discretion away from the police in making arrests.

For one thing, the school doesn’t want any arrests on the school grounds because they are worried about their statistics.

The school board is proud of the fact that they have reduced the numbers of arrests but they have done it, not by providing help for the most part, but by not arresting people who needed to be arrested.

The officer also explained why the Stoneman tragedy is not about guns.



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