Brutal LEO Reaction to Dismantle the Police Department Democrat


Last week, the second vice chairwoman of the democratic farmer Labor Party [communistic], Shivanthi Sathanandan, was carjacked. She was beaten in front of her children. Neighbors who tried to help were held at gunpoint. The police came to her rescue, and she expressed her gratitude to the police.

She even said that she wanted tougher punishments for young criminals.

How things change when people become victims. Only three years ago, she called for dismantling the Minneapolis Police Department. The story doesn’t stop there. Now, she wants special police protection.

A source within Minneapolis law enforcement informed Townhall’s Julio Rosas that officers are being encouraged to patrol her neighborhood when not responding to calls.

After what she has done, asking for that privilege takes a lot of nerve.

In 2020, she wrote:

“We are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department. Say it with me. DISMANTLE The Minneapolis Police Department As allies, what can we do right now? LISTEN and LEARN from our Black siblings. And then AMPLIFY this message right now, in this moment,” Sathanandan wrote in 2020.

Is she going to reverse her prior stance?

The police aren’t thrilled with her, and many people on social media think she’s self-centered. The source’s reaction is: “Now she wants extra police presence? She can eat the largest bag of dicks.”

People should ask themselves, “Do I want thugs on my side or the police?” They might consider looking into what’s best for everyone. It might help them make better choices. There are avenues to deal with bad cops, and it’s not to harm all police and all people who rely on them to stay safe.

Sathandan also encouraged schools and colleges to cut ties with the Minneapolis Police Department. She didn’t have much foresight. Anyone who will say something like that should think, ‘Well, what if someday I’m a victim, or my children are victims, or my husband or mother?’ They might tell me to eat the largest bag of something.

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Laura Cummings
Laura Cummings
5 months ago

If you can’t think, you’ll feel

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
5 months ago

She is a bad apple who no doubt has some other awful policies. She is quite deficient logically and ethically.

How can she have gotten any votes?

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
5 months ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Being female and non-white gave her an advantage…what am I saying ? TWO advantages.

if she had also been LGBTQ she would have hit the trifecta of privilege.

That is how under qualified, corrupt, non-white females such as Letitia James , Fani WIllis or judge Chutkan got where they are.

It is like they start the 100 meter race 50 meters ahead of everyone else who is not female, not colored, not LGBTQ.

And then they cannot be fired or demoted as it would be misogynistic, racist or LGBTQphobic.

It is also, in good part, why Western Civilization has begun to crumble…