‘Buck, wild crazy!’ Illegals have free plane tickets to go all over the US


A US citizen who had trouble getting into the US was stunned when he arrived at the McAllen airport. What he found was foreigners, only foreigners, who could not speak English. (Watch every clip. One is more horrifying than the next.)

Not a single person could speak English, nor did they have a single piece of luggage. Each group had a red, green, or brown envelope allowing them to travel for free all over the U.S.

“One woman had five kids and no luggage, no food, nothing.” That was true of all of them.

The people working in the airport were “freaking out.”

Biden and his cabal are filling up US towns and cities across the country, especially swing states, with these future Democrat voters who will need all of their freebies to survive. Criminals and terrorists are coming also, and you can guess who they will vote for. It’s not the party that keeps them in prison.

Unless these invaders, invited in by Democrats, are sent back, our country is lost to the totalitarian Democrats right now. Keep going until the end.



We already know that most of the Haitians under the Del Rio bridge aren’t being sent home. Some single men are being transported in style, but from what we hear out of BP, it’s not the bulk of the invaders. Most of the people under the bridge are families and they will be put on planes sent around the country at taxpayer expense.

Biden’s regime isn’t trying to fix anything. They want them here to vote for them.

Scum Biden and his scum comrades reward all family units with legalization:

Watch these clips of anonymous people who can’t even speak English. They will need freebies or they will have to commit crimes to live:

Anchor babies everywhere:

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Stop Mass Hysteria
Stop Mass Hysteria
2 years ago

The NY Slimes (Times) had the article about the enrichment coming to all towns that don’t have enough of the world bazaar just yet, it is from a couple of years ago during the height of the TDS hysteria.
It is meant to demoralize or make you think that there is no where to go, which isn’t the case in such a large place as El Norte or North America.

(h/t-Dr Savage)