Buffalo Killer: “Authoritarian Left-Wing” Greenie, Ex-Commie


The Buffalo killer describes himself as an “authoritarian left-wing” eco-fascist and as someone who is anti-Fox, anti-capitalist, and anti-conservative. He also says he’s a hybrid Nazi, and green nationalist. The murderous youth is being used to demonize Tucker Carlson and conservatives without justification. He said he’s a former communist turned Green nationalist.


On Saturday afternoon, an 18-year-old from Upstate New York traveled to Buffalo to live-stream himself on Twitch while shooting and murdering people. He killed ten innocent shoppers and workers at a Tops Friendly Market, wounding three others, in a predominantly black neighborhood.

It is a horrible story. The eco-fascist is the type of person who makes the death penalty seem appropriate. He is pleading not guilty to ten 1st degree murder charges. He says he’s not crazy but at least one witness said he had a blank stare as he killed people. Perhaps he’s possessed by demons – just evil.

The Left came out swiftly claiming he’s right-wing, although he swears allegiance to a Marxist eco-fascist ideology. Their evidence was the likelihood it was a racist hate crime, and he believes the massive influx of illegal aliens is part of a plan to replace citizens. The Left has racists too. The Left came up with the attacks without any investigation, while also accusing Tucker and Fox News of causing it. They’re reckless. The Left will never notice the predominantly left-wing media’s efforts at starting a race war.

That immediately puts the Right on defense.

Then we found out the killer’s alleged manifesto included anti-Fox hate, along with other networks, for hiring Jews.

He never mentions Tucker and references the Internet as the source of his bizarre information.

The shooter describes himself as “authoritarian left-wing.”

 “I would prefer to call myself a populist. But you can call me an ethno-nationalist eco-fascist national socialist if you want, I wouldn’t disagree with you.” He also repeatedly attacks capitalists, and rejected the conservative label because, he wrote, “conservativism is corporatism in disguise, I want no part of it.”

He repeatedly mentioned the “Great Replacement” theory. The Left calls that racist. The Right says it’s happening [check the border lately?].


What you find with these madmen – this eco-fascist green nationalist racist – is they have views from the Left and Right. Labeling them is usually inappropriate. However, he leans very far Left.

The Google Document with the “eco-fascist…authoritarian…left-wing” manifesto remained online for several hours.

It was later taken down after Google said its contents violated the terms of service.

Screen grabs of its contents remain online.  He claims the Internet radicalized him, but that’s just a murderer blaming something other than himself.

They also include hundreds of racist memes, and grabs of liberal publications Payton Gendron deemed offensive to his beliefs.

Gendron added: “I was never diagnosed with a mental disability or disorder. I believe to be perfectly sane.” Maybe.

Meanwhile, several black gangbangers shot 21 black youth after the Bucks lost in Milwaukee but you won’t hear about that tragic event.


The manifesto shouldn’t be banned. It keeps people ignorant and speech didn’t make this man a murderer. That came from his very soul and deranged mind.

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