Buffalo, NY Is Turning Communist


Buffalo New York is likely going full-blown communist after the upcoming election. Democratic Socialist [Communist] AOC has been campaigning for India Walton, the ‘Democrat’ [Democrat Socialist aka Communist] candidate for Mayor.

Walton beat four-term incumbent Byron Brown during the primary using much the same tactics as AOC and with very heavy funding. Brown, an ally of Andrew Cuomo, is still running as a write-in. Republicans are not a presence in Buffalo.

She is no Democrat, despite endorsements by Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. She is a social justice/equity Marxist.

Progressive [Communist] Bernie Sanders is also campaigning for her.

Just to explain why we refer to Democrat Socialists as communists, Democrat Socialists are in mainly to the left of the communists. They are a more radical offshoot of the Socialist Party. All of these parties — socialist, Democrat socialist, communist — end up in the same place. There is no Democrat socialist. There is nothing democratic about them. The only difference between them and the communists is you get to vote for your candidates once or twice. Then it’s all over.

The Biden manifesto is the Sanders manifesto. It is intended to turn this country towards the hard left. Buffalo is about to go down. Watch others follow suit as these leftists promise free everything to lure in the poor, ignorant, and greedy.

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2 years ago

The entire Commiecrat Party is a CCP front organization. Stop pretending otherwise as if there is a difference between AOC, Schumer or for that matter Sisnema. They are all traitors and vicious Marxists.