Bureaucracy kills! Health care workers say they’re “screwed”


Communist Mayor de Blasio’s New York City limited health workers from giving out all available coronavirus vaccines in hopes of balancing out a supply shortage from last week. So, they’re not going out. It could be Cuomo’s policy. That’s unclear. What is clear is it is a problem with regulations and bureaucracy.

So, the vaccines just sit around until they expire? They do expire and get thrown out. Some have already been thrown out in New York City.

Health care workers say they’re “screwed.”

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, which oversees the city’s immunization drive, restricted the number of available vaccination appointments across 15 pop-up sites and forbade workers from reaching out to community groups in order to give out more shots, according to a report by New York Magazine’s Intelligencer.

At the George Westinghouse vocational high school site in Brooklyn, only 10 people were signed up to get a shot on Saturday. Workers said normally, hundreds of people are scheduled to get a shot on the weekend. While there were reportedly 650 available doses ready, the day ended with only about 40 people getting vaccinated.

Sonni Mun, a former physician who volunteers at the site said, “Last time I did this, I probably vaccinated 70 people. I vaccinated three people today before I left.”

Bureaucracy Kills

That’s not all the city is doing wrong. They are still killing nursing home patients.

A 66-year-old patient at Dry Harbor Nursing Home died of COVID-19 last week after the Queens facility gave vaccines only to permanent residents — a misguided policy the state allegedly knew about in advance.

That would be Andrew Cuomo’s policy!

Vita Fontanetta, known as Tina, was admitted to the 360-bed facility to recover from leg inflammation on Jan. 11. When the nursing home doled out vaccines on Jan. 13, she was excluded, a family member told City Councilman Robert Holden.

On Jan. 18, the grandmother of two was sent back to the hospital due to anemia, and tested positive for COVID upon arrival, he said.

She died at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center on Jan. 23.

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