Burgeoning rebellion against despot in Cali


Orange County Beach, April 2020

Governor Newsom has singled out Orange County (a largely Republican county) as an example of what happens if you dare disobey him or appear to disobey him. Their beaches will be closed because Newsom says too many showed up last weekend to bask in the sun. Most, perhaps all, followed social distancing guidelines.

Newport Beach will meet to discuss their legal options to challenge Newsom’s order, which seems more like revenge to some rather than a necessary rule.

“Newport Beach will hold a special meeting this weekend to discuss legal options to challenge Governor Newsom’s order to close OC beaches. Huntington Beach already voted to legally challenge that mandate at an emergency meeting tonight. Newport statement,” FOXLA reported.

In Commiefornia, they have no legal options unless the feds step in but Attorney General Bill Barr has been largely absent.

Newsom was originally considering closing all of the state’s beaches and parks. A memo was sent around to that effect.

Thursday morning, on TV, Newsom denied ever considering it, but a senior aide conceded it WAS discussed before being walked back to just Orange County.

Even though it was discussed and a memo forwarded to that effect, the police chiefs apologized for sending the memo out.

Newsom was dishonest.

As it happens, he is only punishing the ‘bad people’ of Orange County (largely Republican county) even though most practiced social distancing.

Newsom announced on Thursday he would close beaches only in Orange County. He noted that “the conditions last week, the images we saw at a few of our beaches were disturbing” but added, “the vast majority” of beaches were not overcrowded, citing San Diego, Los Angeles, Mendocino County, and the Bay Area.


At the same time, a county of 9,000 people in Northern California announced it will be reopening its schools, hair salons, and restaurants on Friday in defiance of Newsom’s order.

Modoc County, in northeastern California, will reopen because it has zero Coronavirus cases.

Ned Coe, a cattle rancher, and county supervisor said the mental health and economic health of his county is very important and after consulting with health officials, the Board of Supervisors voted to reopen.

“Just as our physical health is vital for our citizens, so is the mental health and the economic health of our citizens,” Coe said.

Coe said county officials sent a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom about a week ago outlining their plan, which he said meets the guidelines outlined by the governor for stay-home orders to be eased out in phases, but they haven’t received a response. He said he was not worried the state might take legal action against the county for violating Newsom’s order, which does not yet allow such businesses to reopen.

Newsom is smarter than the despot in Michigan, he doesn’t take on the small battles.

In case, you didn’t notice, our political leaders are no longer afraid of us and don’t care what you think. The totalitarians have taken over.

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