Buses with Migrants Blocked in Chicago, Now Abbott Flies Them in


Sources in TX Governor Greg Abbott’s office told Bill Melugin of Fox News that Texas is now flying illegal aliens to sanctuary cities, with the first flight of 120 migrants landing at Chicago’s O’Hare airport last night after taking off from El Paso, Texas.

They say all migrants signed voluntary waivers as they do with buses. More flights are being planned, and any sanctuary city is “fair game” as Texas continues to deal with a massive influx of illegal crossings this week.

Chicago has obstructed the buses.

According to The Washington Examiner, two Chicago suburbs rejected busloads of immigrants that arrived from El Paso, Texas, over the past week.

According to the Chicago Tribune, several buses arrived at the Metra stations in Cicero, Illinois, and Rosemont, Illinois, near the O’Hare International Airport’s remote parking area. Rosemont police allowed the immigrants to get off the bus if someone picked them up. Mayor Brad Stephens said that officers threatened to impound the bus and arrest the driver for endangering the passengers if he let them out.

Rosemont is planning to fine bus companies $750 per person if they let homeless aliens out.

Now, Gov. Abbott is flying them into Chicago.

Sanctuary city Chicago is complaining about 26,000 illegal immigrants while Texas gets millions.

“Abbott’s office said this week that the state has bussed over 82,900 migrants to cities, including Washington, D.C.; New York City; Chicago; Philadelphia; Denver; and Los Angeles. Abbott has said the operation provides “vital relief” to border towns and has promised to keep doing it “until [President] Biden secures the border.” Fox News reported.


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1 month ago

Problem being, keeping them in the sanctuary cities! Wall them all in and let the party begin.