Busted! Debate moderator Scully’s damning tweet to ‘Mooch’ – Update


Update: Scully says he didn’t send it and someone hacked his account. The hacker only put this one tweet out. You can believe that or not.

Steve Scully, the C-Span political editor, meant to private message (DM) Anthony Scaramucci (Mooch) and ask him if he should respond to Trump after the President called him a Trump hater. He forget to make it private. Mooch replied.

Joe Biden and buddy Steve Scully

Steve Scully, a former Biden intern, who attended the Biden beach bash, exchanged tweets with Trump hater Anthony Scaramucci, whom Trump fired.  He must have meant to private message but slipped up.

All you need to know about moderator Steve Scully and his ability to be objective is this tweet to Anthony Scaramucci, who won his left-wing wife and baby back by turning on his one-time ally Donald Trump.

What bad stuff Mooch? Did it take a lot of planning to manufacture yet another crisis? Or is that comment for the benefit of Donald Trump? Mooch must have realized Scully made a mistake and the message is to aggravate the President.

Do these two exchange debate questions and hand them off to Slow Joe’s staff? Mooch is in tight with the Democrats now.

President Trump told Hannity last night that Scully’s a never Trumper.

Remember when Scully retweeted this?


Twitter users asked if this was supposed to be a DM and the answer has to be ‘most definitely.’

Twitter is helping to keep this contained:

Journalists are soooo corrupt and arrogant:

What about all those DMs we never get to see.

The debate moderators selected are all biased. With fake Republican Olympia Snowe as one of those picking, it’s no surprise.

Chris Wallace was outrageously unfair, Susan Page was unfair but less so. This Scully debate may never take place since the President won’t do a virtual debate and Biden won’t delay the debate.

The third moderator is a Trump agitator Kristen Welker. She goes to pressers and asks him nasty questions in a nasty tone of voice.


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