But Now That We Are Here



But Now That We Are Here

As I sit here thinking and writing about being a witness to the day our Republic was publicly lost to the lying, cheating, and stealing party of democratic progressive socialists, the feeling from inside an American Patriot who believes in Almighty God, served his country with honor, supported and defended the Constitution, man’s rights and the rule of law, is heartbroken.

I can only imagine the feeling I feel right now was probably felt by the Patriots of Greece and of Rome when their empires fell to traitors and wickedness. We have truly shown that we do not heed history any more than they did.

I am still amazed that the Patriots have allowed this country to fail by not holding our representatives accountable. We have allowed them all to lie, cheat, and steal from us for their benefit. Now that Patriots see the demise of their Republic, originally designed for their benefit, the true cost is immeasurable. In blood, in money, and in tears.

The protest in Washington DC on January 6, 2021, where over one million Patriots showed up to protest the stolen election to our representatives in Congress, was the largest showing of Patriots the Capitol has seen in years. The peaceful protest was marred by the destruction of a few doors and windows being broken at the Capitol building, allowing protesters access to the building and Senate chambers. Peaceful protesters trying to show their love for this country and their outrage of their representatives’ actions, instantly became the mob.

Having been on the frontlines of the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles in 1992, I understand the fear Capitol Police felt when they are vastly outnumbered and their job is to protect those behind them. The fact that one Capitol policeman fired one round, ultimately killing an unarmed woman protester, shows that even when trying to do the right thing, for the right reasons, it becomes wrong and unchangeable, on both sides. Today’s frustration was in the wrong place and at the wrong time to show emotional actions. It was way too little, and way too late.

I am calling out “We The People” again (see my article here) for allowing our Republic to deteriorate and rot from inside our foundation. Our house is rotten to its core and cannot withstand the weight of corruption and wickedness any longer. It never should have gotten this far, to begin with.

But now that we are here…

Where were the Patriots when our school boards passed Common Core? Making our children even more stupid than the lack of studying produced. Do our children even know the Bill of Rights? Do you?

Where were the Patriots when our city, county, and state representatives were passing legislation that slowly sucked the lifeblood out of our current well-being and our children’s future dry? Or when Patriots allowed the integrity of our elections to become compromised on November 3, 2020? Watching a “woke” sport or program?

Where were the Patriots when the police tried to protect life and property against the violence of BLM month after month? I bet we were watching the news and praying to God the violence was not coming to our neighborhood. Patriots actually responded by allowing the defunding of our police departments.

Where were the Patriots when our elected Executive, Legislative and Judicial representatives sold us out for their own benefit, time and again? And now that it is too late to save the crumbling Republic…

The deep state, their propagandist media, their wealthy enablers, and bureaucratic followers now control the vast institutional knowledge and resources of the United States, what do you think these straight-up traitors are going to do? Be nice, warm and fuzzy now that they literally control everything? Not on anyone’s life. Not even theirs.

The jackboot of tyranny is now marching throughout the Republic disguised as the rule of law. And Patriots are going to be feeling the pain beyond our imagination for generations.

The liberal traitors are not scared of us Patriots because they only see us standing together, angry, once every few years. Whereas the liberal traitors have been steadily pounding their ideology and agenda, coordinated and deployed in unison, on us and the Constitution daily for over 150 years. Chipping away at our foundation from all sides. Institution by institution.

If Patriots had only stood up then, with our neighbors, upheld the Republic and the Constitution as designed for us, and held our representatives accountable then, Patriots would have been able to avoid any future bloodshed.

But now that we are here…


David S. Kelley is creator of The Tree of Liberty.us.

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Build Wakanda Back Better
Build Wakanda Back Better
3 years ago

There is nothing left worth saving. A society this degenerate and dumbed down is already destroyed.
Trump the Revelator bought us some time and made it so that only those who refuse to accept reality can continue to ignore the rot.
Just go out and about on any given day and see the mashed potato goblin masses with face diapers on who reduce speed down to 20 miles an hour anytime a cop is in the same area code or the line almost to the floral department at the Sack N’ Save self-checkout lane.
It takes a week now to restock basic staples and our enemy can see the terminal decline.
We have coasted on the fumes of the Greatest Generation for 80 years now and they have almost all left the building.
Mean girls, man buns, pajama boys, Twitterati, burn it all down barbarians, fellow travelers, quisling fifth columns, they will reap the whirlwind for what they have sown.
Give me liberty or give me a face diaper.