Buttigieg: Harassing Justice Kavanaugh in a Restaurant Is Appropriate


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg weighed in on Justice Kavanaugh on Fox News today when he should be trying to help airlines fix their many problems or fixing all those racist roads he claims exist. Harassing a Justice is now a peaceful protest.

Pete believes that screaming communist protesters in a restaurant represent “peaceful protesting.” It’s perfectly appropriate since Justice Kavanaugh didn’t hear them – allegedly. Therefore, it’s not harassment.

The leftist Meidas Touch trolls played a longer clip and seem to think his irrelevant comments were a masterclass. Does Buttigieg understand that Justice Kavanaugh was close to death recently when a crazed leftist flew from California and ended up on his doorstep with a gun, knife, ammo, and zip ties?

Justice Kavanaugh can’t go to dinner with his family because the communist radicals don’t agree with his rulings?

Perhaps Buttigieg, son of a well-known communist professor, is fine with these same communist radicals harassing the restaurant now because they said the behavior was inappropriate.

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