Dem debate was wild! Fights, calling people communists, bumbling


Former New York City Mayor Bloomberg looked very weak, unprepared, and nervous from the onset. Were it not for all his money, he would not be on the debate stage.

A borderline hysterical Warren took the tomahawk to Michael Bloomberg.

“Democrats take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire for another,” Elizabeth Warren said.

She called him out for comments he’s made about women, including calling one woman a “Lesbian horse face and fat broad.”

“I’d like to talk about who we’re running against,” she said. “A billionaire who calls women fat broads and horse-faced lesbians, and no I’m not talking about Donald Trump, I’m talking about mayor Bloomberg.”


Warren kept attacking Bloomberg on women. She wanted to know if he’s willing to release all women from non-disclosure agreements they signed while working for him.

He’s not.


Biden piped up loudly because he thinks loud and angry is a winner for him.

Biden was a little cogent at the beginning of the debate and said something about Bloomberg ordering five million black men up against the wall. He seems to think speaking loudly will make up for what he lacks in other ways.

Bernie kept besting Pete but Pete had the nasty Bernie Bros to throw back at him.

Bernie wants, “Power to the People.”

Sanders attacked Bloomberg for voting for George Bush in 2004 and supporting Republican senators.

The moderator asked Klobuchar about not knowing the Mexican president’s name during a recent Telemundo interview. Klobuchar responded by pretending it was a momentary lapse. This is what she said at the time of the interview:


Desperate Warren jumped in to stick up for Klobuchar and said it was nothing and Klobuchar only forgot a name. The moderator took exception to that and explained Klobuchar was not able to discuss Mexican politics. It was more than a name.

Buttigieg went after Klobuchar for her lack of knowledge and got into an argument.


Biden tried to jump into the battle and asked loudly if he could say something. Earlier, Biden did hammer Bloomberg over “abhorrent” Stop and Frisk — loudly.

Bloomberg was mostly quiet in the first hour.

Biden was grabby and bumbling.


Bumbling and sad:

James Woods summarized the first hour quite well.



Biden started that stuttering thing he does as he talked — loudly — about climate change.  He was babbling about wind and solar, high-speed rail, but not sure what the hay he was talking about.

Warren, desperate and aggressive, is going to stop all drilling and mining on all public lands [and kill the economy]. Warren said she believes in science. Good to know.

Bernie believes the climate is an existential threat and supports the looney Green New Deal. It’s a “moral issue” he says.

Warren went into race as usual. She will commit a trillion dollars to communities of color that have suffered under climate change. The money will go to “environmental justice.” Polluters are located in minority neighborhoods, according to the chief.

The debate is a disaster for the mostly-quiet Bloomberg and for Dems. It means Bernie is winning in the end.

It’s controversial to be successful because of the effective use of one’s own talents [who knew?]:

Sanders, with bulging eyes, called Bloomberg immoral for being a billionaire.


Bloomberg said we aren’t going to throw out capitalism. We’ve tried that. It doesn’t work. It’s called communism and it just didn’t work. The audience did not like that.

It set off the chief and she ranted about wealth taxes and investing untold amounts of money in all sorts of endless things. It’s astounding how many freebies she wants to give away. She sounded just like a communist.

Bernie said it’s not communism, it’s socialism and it was a cheap shot. Then he went off into inaccurate quotes and arguments.

Sanders sounds exactly like Fidel Castro when talking about corporations and wealthy people, no doubt about it.

Bloomberg did nuke Bernie:

Bloomberg said the most well known socialist is a millionaire with three homes. Bernie wasn’t happy, but it was funny.

Biden went off into a rant about his grandfather, attacks by Mitch McConnell, Trump not wanting him as an opponent. He said he understands ordinary people who are getting “killed.” It was unclear what he was talking about exactly. It was a rant he memorized apparently.

Warren went after him, and he insulted her.

Buttigieg attacked Klobuchar for once supporting English as our official language which he says insults immigrants. It sends a bad message to immigrants in his mind. [Don’t they come here to be Americans?]

Platitudinous Pete says undocumented immigrants are as “American as we are.”

Klobuchar and Buttigieg fought a bit. Pete is very condescending.

It’s the end and Bill O’Reilly gave a good summary for each of the two hours:

A lot of Americans didn’t watch. They went to Trump’s rally:

The debate was very enjoyable for its comic elements.

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