Buttigieg tells illegals in Spanish that this is “your country too”


Pete Buttigieg, the second-place winner in the Democrat New Hampshire primary, gave a speech Tuesday night and said a few words in Spanish that were aimed at illegal aliens.

The clever panderer said, “We can say to a Dreamer, lying awake at night, questioning if this country is her own … this country is your country too.”

How does he figure that? Does this apply to everyone in the world who comes into the country illegally?

The Washington Examiner says the Spanish portion of his statement translates to: “We celebrate your belonging in this country, and, yes, this country is your country too.”

The cagey phony is very far-left and plans amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.

Buttigieg has since headed for Nevada. There are 500,000 Latino voters registered in the state. They are dramatically changing the landscape in the state.


Buttigieg keeps talking about turning the page and entering a new era, but what page and what era? It’s just lofty speech with no meaning. Buttigieg’s just a gasbag.

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