Buzzfeed Fascists Want to”Deplatform White Parents”


The fascists at Buzzfeed want to “deplatform white parents.” They incorrectly claim that “white parents” are the ones behind the rallies against critical race and gender theory indoctrination in schools.

As such, Buzzfeed’s Alessa Alessa Dominguez posits, they should simply not be listened to or permitted to speak.

The article, simply titled “Deplatform White Parents,” complains that media gives too much space to those who are opposed to transgender or anti-racist ideology. Furthermore, it claims that opposition to critical race theory and critical gender ideology set “the terms of debate by centering media narratives around the well-being of white women and children.”

They don’t seem to know that parents from all walks of life are opposed to the racist, anti-American CRT. These Buzzfeed buffoons don’t think much of free speech and the 1st amendment.

The Left has gone completely insane:

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