Sick Stuff! MI School District’s 21-Day Equity Challenge of Anti-Americanism & Hate


Farmington Public Schools in Michigan released a “21 Day Equity Challenge” for interested parties in the district, aiming to help individuals “learn how to more effectively understand and celebrate our differences”

“Our Mission Statement is ‘Farmington Public Schools, together with our community, will engage every student in a quality experience, empowering each student to become a thoughtful, contributing citizen in a changing world,’” the school district wrote. “With this in mind, we, together with you, hope to deepen our understanding about the members of our community and to use this knowledge to confront bigotry, hatred, and discrimination against any individual or group.”

It does the opposite. The children are taught hate and discrimination under the guise of anti-racism.

The 21-day “equity challenge” is full of un-American ideas.

One idea is to promote BLM in “Equity” Programming. BLM is a violent, Marxist organization. In the first week, children learn”

  • Praise of equity, which explains that “Equality is giving everyone a shoe. Equity is giving everyone a shoe that fits.”  [And who is to decide what shoe fits? Leftists, of course.]
  • A “land acknowledgment” to respect “indigenous people” (day two), which demands students recite this mantra: “I would like to acknowledge that this meeting is being held on the traditional lands of the Potawatomi People – People of the Place of the Fire, and pay my respect to elders both past and present.” [That is untrue]
  • A video that excoriates “whiteness” (day 7), saying “Whiteness is the preferred norm in America,” while showing a drawing of angry minorities glaring at a white woman holding a trophy. According to Just the News, that same video “depicted those who oppose transgender people going into the opposite bathroom of their biological sex as what appears to be a blob of ghosts pointing threateningly at a child who’s holding a football but thinking of being a ballerina.“
  • They make up white privilege lists.

On the final day of the challenge, the calendar offered a “personal action plan sheet” for students to track their progress on the issue from an individual perspective. Directives given on the sheet include suggestions, such as to “donate to causes that support the Black LGBTQ+ community,” “join a Black Lives Matter or an affiliated protest” and “donate to bail efforts supporting people arrested for protesting against injustice.”

You have to be a special kind of stupid to donate to people who will tear up your town.

Previous days of the calendar were similarly progressive, including lessons on the gender spectrum, and the “microaggressions” of meritocracy.

Day 18 of the “equity challenge” includes a link to a list of “microaggressions” to avoid, such as calling America “the land of opportunity.”

That’s nuts, of course.

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