CA GOP House Candidate Buys 400’ of Razor Wire & Uses it to Plug Border Wall Hole


by James S. Soviero

Kate Monroe, a Republican candidate for California’s 49th Congressional District, traveled to the U.S. southern border and decided to plug a hole in the barrier with razor wire.

The gap, known as the “San Judas Break,” has recently become one of the hot spots for migrants seeking to cross the border illegally. CBS reported that nearly 600 migrants crossed through the gap just during the short time reporters were on the scene, with some estimating roughly 3,000 migrants used the spot on their way to surrender to American authorities.

Monroe, who is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, said, “I felt the anger and frustrations of millions of fellow Americans watching in horror as thousands of people poured through.” She continued that this kind of break in physical security  allows “terrorists, drugs, and human trafficking to infiltrate while local and national city economies bear the burden of supporting these migrants.”

Monroe, “… decided, if no one is going to do something about it, I will. I purchased 400 feet of razor wire and, along with members of my staff, hung the wire along the gaps ourselves.”

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol seemed to have no problem with Kate’s help.  “I told CBP I was a Marine veteran running….for Congress…. I knew their hands were tied, but mine weren’t.  So they pointed me directly to the exact location. They aren’t allowed to secure the border but were happy I was there to do it. They said, ‘You have our support.”

Monroe noted the recent attacks by Hamas on Israel and the potential for terrorists and other criminals to “freely” enter the country and attack Americans.  The Marine Corps veteran stated, “Illegals are overtaking private property, robbing homes and businesses; sidewalks in California are flooded with illegal migrants. My community is living in growing fear.”

We all are, and for good reason.  Semper Fidelis Kate Monroe.


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