CA school board resigns following hot mic comments on live video conference


The entire Oakley, California, school board of trustees was forced to resign following their February 24th virtual meeting. Unbeknownst to them, their meeting was public. Members of the San Francisco bay area school board of trustees were taped by parents on their cell phones during a video conference call while it was being aired live.

First to resign was the Oakley Union Elementary School Board President Lisa Brizendine. Resignations of the other three board members, Kim Beede, Erica Ippolita, and Richie Masadas followed on Friday.

The meeting, thought to be private, was supposed to address parental concerns about schools reopening during the COVID pandemic. However, it descended into a name calling session.


The video conference call among board members included profanity and jokes about parents. At one point, Kim Beede asked, “Are we alone?” Then she said of a parent, “B—h, if you’re going to call me out, I’m going to f—- you up.” Other board members laughed.

School Board President Brizendine said of parents, “They just want their babysitters back, right?”

Richie Masadas offered other explanations for parental concerns. “My brother had a delivery service for medical marijuana. The high clientele were the parents with their kids at school.” Other board members could be heard laughing. “When you have your kids at home, no more (inaudible),” he said.

The 8-minute video ended abruptly after one of the school board members realized their conference was being viewed by the public. The board member said, “Uh oh!” She read a message that was apparently sent from someone in the school district office. “FYI, we have the meeting open to the public right now.” Another board member questioned that. “That’s what Lori just said,” she responded. “Great!” And the screen immediately went blank.


Response from the community was swift, garnering widespread condemnation nationally as well as locally. Calls for the board to reign were almost immediate. Parents had already started an online petition demanding the resignation of board members.

Resignation of the school board was confirmed by Oakley Union school superintendent Greg Hetrick. He issued an apology on Thursday for “truly inappropriate comments,” one day before the rest of the board resigned.

Superintendent Hetrick said in part, “I will not make excuses for what happened or why it happened. I am truly sorry for what took place.” Interim board members will be appointed until new ones can be elected.

Reopening of schools is a hotly debated topic. Parents, school boards, and teachers unions across the country are grappling with the issue of when to open schools to full in-person instruction, and when it can be done safely.


The issue in compounded by mixed messages sent by President Biden and his press secretary Jen Psaki. One week before the hot mic meeting, Psaki described Biden’s goal of having schools open within his first 100 days office. She said it meant more than 50 percent of schools would hold at least one day of in-person learning each week by the end of that time frame.

The following day, however, Biden distanced himself from the comments of his own press secretary. He called her comments, “A mistake in communication.”

Biden went one step further. He told a CNN town hall on Tuesday that Psaki was not correct. “But what I – what I’m talking about is I said opening the majority of schools in K-through-eighth grade because they’re the easiest to open, the most needed to be opened, in terms of the impact on children and families having to stay home,” the president clarified.

It’s difficult for parents, school districts, and school boards to determine how and when schools should open when they receive such mixed messages from the White House. This “mistake in communication” only clouds a very complicated issue.

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  1. DOH! The wizards of smart outsmarted themselves.
    I don’t know maybe check to see if any mics or cams are on before you go full uncensored editorial content?
    The Chicago comrade’s teachers union is hiring and the pay is top notch. (hee har!)
    We have known about the German glance (looking around and over shoulder) before talking about anything “controversial” since 2012AO (After Obama).

  2. I KEEP SAYING, NOW is the PERFECT time for Parents of America to TAKE THEIR CHIKDREN, and Schools BACK

    Among our greatest mistakes, allowing Progressives to take hostage our entire education system. Patents can END THAT NOW,

    LeftWing Govs, mayors, “educators,” have gotten a taste of absolute power and they became INSTANTLY addicted. They are NEVER going to give that up willingly. We must RIP it away from them.

    Time for parents to band together, create Community Co-op, Home School programs. Go to your retirement communities, am SURE there will be plenty of retired teachers and professionals who will happily volunteer to help. This will also help filling the gap in households with 2 working parents.

    Computerized, online programs have made home schooling easier than EVER. What’s more, Home schooled students OUT PERFORM PUBLIC school students IN EVERY SUBJECT because the focus is on educating, not indoctrinating.

    When communities start marching up to schools, IN MASS, officially REMOVING their kids from those schools … when they start losing their Per Student funding all followed by massive layoffs and school closures, PARENTS WILL THEN OWN THEM. The only big decision remaining, whether to take ownership of public schools OR CONTINUE to have your children home schooled. I highly recommend the latter.

    And BTW, enjoy EVERY MINUTE of your real estate taxes plummeting The biggest part of your real estate taxes pay for the education your kids ARE NOT GETTING

    • Exactly— Hi
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