Deeply unpopular Kamala Harris is positioning herself


There appears to be a possible transition taking place from Joe Biden to Kamala Harris. She has taken some serious calls from world leaders not on a par with her.

She spoke with President Macron and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Harris also spoke with the Director-General of the World Health Organization Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

What is most terrifying is the fact that she’s a communist, not that Biden isn’t pushing the exact agenda Harris would push. However, for them to move on to The Great Reset — world socialism — they need someone more cogent than Joe Biden.

Ian Haworth, an Editor, and Writer for The Daily Wire, explained why we should very concerned:

The combination of Kamala Harris — a deeply unpopular candidate during the primaries whose radicalism is being actively masked by a suddenly-adoring legacy media — and Joe Biden — whose entire career has been a string of foreign policy failures — should worry conservatives and moderates alike as the Biden/Harris (or should I say Harris/Biden) administration fleshes out their global agenda, which seems to involve handing the reins to Kamala Harris far earlier than anyone could have predicted.

The global agenda is The Great Reset. They even use the same slogan — build back better. It’s a plan for elites to run the world without a middle class.

Dinesh D’Souza gives us some additional information on Kamala:

Kamala Harris Is Very Popular As You Can See:

The meteorologist on CBSLA, Alex Biston, posted a raucous welcoming home crowd cheering the arrival of Kamala Harris. Of course, one can see how she got those 81 million votes with Joe. She was the vote-getter.

Maybe Ms. Biston published this by accident?

Look at the crowd:



  1. China, Iran and Russia don’t want to play Great Reset.
    They will catch the masters of the universe with their pants down and laugh all the way to victory.
    This stale reheated third rate woke Great Leap Forward redux won’t end well.
    Mad Max, EFNY, THX 1138, all the dystopian hellscapes will seem like a stroll in the park.
    Do not hesitate, PREPARE.

  2. Nothing too surprising here. She’s just doing her job, under the Constitution. The VP acts as the president, when the president is unable to perform the duties. Anyone who has seen Biden in the last few years clearly knows that he can’t perform the duties. Dementia, probably Alzheimer’s, is no laughing matter. So as everyone said BEFORE the election, Biden was a placeholder to get her into office. He’s like a booster rocket from the old space shuttle. He got the radical communist into position and now he can be jettisoned. I think he has even slipped-up a few times by saying that’s what he was planning even while they were campaigning. If it’s Alzheimer’s, he knows it’s incurable and it gets progressively worse over a matter of years. It is eventually fatal. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. And I damm sure wouldn’t wish a communist radical president on anyone, either.

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