CA Senator Ponders Law Mandating “Drag Queen 101 in K-12”


A California Democrat behind the state’s law easing up on pedophilia suggested Tuesday that he would introduce additional legislation adding “Drag Queen 101” to school curriculums. Watch out for Drag101 in your child’s curriculum.

drag queen with makeup and wig in her red outfit

Scott Wiener, a gay politician who represents San Francisco and is not just a little nuts, weighed in Tuesday on Republican Texas Rep. Bryan Slaton’s promise to introduce legislation banning children from drag shows after pictures of children attending a drag show in a Texas bar went viral, Daily Wire reports.

We would say this is tit-for-tat or just sarcasm but the guy is extremely radical. He’s not normal. Even as sarcasm it’s a terrible thing to say. He should be against this indoctrination of children too. Weiner isn’t exempt from common sense because he’s gay and far-left.

As a threat, it’s vile.

This radical, Weiner, wants to allow children to carve themselves up or take puberty blockers. That is child abuse. When did Americans decide it isn’t? Now he’s looking at Drag101? He’s out of control.


Aside from the indoctrination and manipulation of young minds, which is evil, Drag Queen story hour is mostly scary as Hell or perverse. Drag101 has no place in schools.

As Marco Rubio said, “America is now a place where adults in positions of power and influence think drag queen “story times” for children is healthy & parents who complain are transphobic haters.”

Drag queens are adult only. Children shouldn’t be confused as they are developing who they are. I hate to be the first to mention it, but most drag queens lead exhibitionist lives in very sexually explicit ways. It’s not for kids.

Look at what NY is doing!

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1 year ago

California is a lost cause filled with a bunch of really sick people. I’m all for keeping those sick people in California where we can keep an eye on them!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

That senator has a huge personal conflict, he wants to have sex with 15 year olds given the other laws he proposes. Being elected to the California senate is to him a green light to pursue his sexual desires.

The voters have no excuses for supporting him, ignorance or tolerance of this is not acceptable. They are also sick people.

Weiner is of course a Harvard educated lawyer.

He supports legalization of hallucinogens. Perhaps he could then legally intoxicate his sexual prey. He also wants bars open until 4 AM, facilitating late night encounters.