Cali gov to use federal tax $$$ to pay off all past due rent for residents


California is paying off residents’ past due rent that was accrued during the COVID-19 pandemic, giving renters a clean slate, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced recently.

He is using federal tax dollars to do it — $5.2 billion worth. Aide Jason Elliott explained the plan,  the Associated Press reported.

However, just $32 million out of $490 million in requests for rental assistance through May 31 have been covered so far, according to a California Department Housing and Community Development report.

“We should do our best to get back to the starting point where we were in December of 2019. Anything other than that is taking advantage of a crisis,” said Keith Becker, a property manager in Sonoma County. He revealed that 14 tenants have not paid $100,000 worth of rent.

Democrats want to promote renting over homeownership since it’s the Marxist way and they want to satisfy the communist base.

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