Dems Staging Voting Rights’ Fraud & Filibuster Elimination Drama


Democrats are planning to be quite melodramatic tomorrow during the vote for S.1 (HR1), aka For The People Act. The voting act will ensure that Democrats win every presidential election in perpetuity.

They will try to abolish or alter the filibuster. So far, Democrats Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema, are not with them.

Voting Rights’ Fraud And the Filibuster on the Table Tomorrow

Axios writes that Democrats will bring the enormous voting rights package and eliminating the filibuster to the masses with a procedural vote.

It is their highest priority for obvious reasons.

If all 50 Democrats get on board, then the conversation about how to proceed — including calls for abandoning, or at a minimum revising, the filibuster — will ramp up, Axios reports.

Democrats falsely claim it is to preserve voting rights even while the bill eliminates voter ID and other secure measures protecting our vote.

Axios says Democrats fear they will lose voters if they don’t get this through. [That would be the socialist and communist Democrats].

This is all about getting rid of the filibuster and they want to make the midterm elections about this very issue, linking it to this phony ‘voting rights bill’.

Dems feel if they get everyone in line for the voting rights package, everyone will go along with circumventing the filibuster, according to Axios.

Currently, with the filibuster, the bill can’t pass. They aren’t looking to pass it, just spew propaganda and get the legacy media working on more lies about the bill. They also want the two Democrats to respond to pressure from their party and the media by eliminating or gutting the filibuster.

Can We Trust Mancin?

According to Politico, Manchin is going to be tough to convince: Sen. Joe Manchin declined on Monday to commit to advancing Democrats’ sweeping elections bill, saying he would need more assurances that his proposed changes would be adopted.

The problem is Manchin always caves because he is almost as far left as the rest of the party.

Manchin has proposed a compromise bill focused on expanding early voting and ending partisan gerrymandering; it would cut some of the bill’s other elements, like publicly financed elections. He told reporters on Monday he’s still working on his compromise with fellow Democrats and that “there’d have to be an agreement to get on the substitute.”

“I hope they make some changes, agree with some changes,” Manchin said. “We put out an awful lot of changes that hopefully the country will agree with.”

One of his compromises on voter ID is to allow people to use utility bills. What a joke. That’s what we mean about Manchin.

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