Cali is starting to rebel against draconian mandates


Governor Andrew Cuomo is insisting the capacity of the hospital has to be below 70% before he opens the state [poorly worded, since corrected] and the transmission rate has to be 1.7% for a certain number of days. His guidelines are very arbitrary. There are a lot of leftists in New York who will accept this, but then again, that’s true of California, and we see some signs of the hold breaking.

Far-far-left Governor Newsom said he won’t allow gyms, hair salons, manicurists, and similar enterprises to open for business for two to three months. And he became angry this past weekend when 40,000 people showed up at the two beaches that were allowed to open. It’s over 90 degrees there.

People are becoming tired of the stay-at-home orders, especially those people whose businesses are being destroyed. The despots may think they can control people indefinitely, but signs are that is not the case.

In Newport Beach, an ordinance to close the beaches for several weekends was rejected in a 5-2 vote.

Some businesses are going to open without permission or they won’t open at all.



These two small business owners will fight for their survival. They should start a GoFundMe page. Contrary to what people think, political leaders do not have the authority to overturn the constitution. People abide by their ‘recommendations’ if they make sense.


Currently, there are 20,000 cases in LA county and the death count stands at 942. So far, statistically, .002% of LA county’s population has tested positive for COVID-19, though the real number is obviously likely significantly higher; .00009% of LA county’s population has died as a result of the virus. (10 million + population).

In California, in general, there are 46,445 cases and 1,873 deaths as of today. That translates to .001 with the disease and .000046 deaths in a population of roughly 40 million.

Modified social distancing would work with businesses abiding by the 6 ft and mask rules.

Governor Gavin Newsom plans to step up police enforcement at the beaches, but meanwhile, the double standard continues.

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3 years ago

The totalitarians, all of whom never missed a big fat government paycheck in their twisted evil lives, are going to lose control and then get voted out in disgrace if they don’t wake up and smell the coffee so to speak.

3 years ago

Californians are revolting? I always knew they were.

Frank S.
Frank S.
3 years ago

Remember when California disabled a skateboard park by filling it with sand? Maybe Gavin “Nero” Newsom could kill two birds with one stone by removing all sand from Newport beaches and dumping it into facilities threatening his lockdown.
With the CA natives getting restless they’ll be plenty of potential targets, including but not limited to hair salons, gyms, etc. As we write this, Gov. Nero might be casting a threatening glance at the two small businesses cited above.
It’s what unchecked despots do.

Dave Hunter
Dave Hunter
3 years ago

Even Republican governors are delaying opening and using “task forces” with a gazillion members to deflect the blame in case the numbers of infections go up. Here’s a tidbit, throughout the country until probably the last week you couldn’t even get a test without any symptoms. This guarantees the percentage of positives vs tests is going to be much, much higher than if you tested EVERYBODY!

herbert r richmond
3 years ago

This a coup done through a Communist China manufactured biological weapon to erect a Socialist nation now being done through Blue State Governors