YouTube now has fact-checker info panels to editorialize in Google searches!


Recently, YouTube’s CEO controversially said that YouTube would remove anything that goes against the World Health Organization, a group that is China-centric and gave out misinformation about the virus, and use of masks throughout January. They ignored warnings by Taiwan.

You will believe as they say!

They have now taken censorship a step further.

They are rolling out information panels containing messages from fact-checkers to search results on the platform:


“When users are searching on YouTube around a specific claim, we want to give an opportunity for those fact checks to show up right then and there, when our users are looking for information — especially around fast-moving. quickly changing topics like COVID-19,” said Neal Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, who recently outlined YouTube’s stance against independent content creators “espousing” their opinions “in their basement.”

“Misinformation that comes up quickly as part of a fast-moving news cycle, where unfounded claims and uncertainty about facts are common. (For example, a false report that COVID-19 is a bio-weapon.) Our fact check information panels provide fresh context in these situations by highlighting relevant, third-party fact-checked articles above search results for relevant queries, so that our viewers can make their own informed decision about claims made in the news,” YouTube announced.

If we disagree, you’re probably history!

YouTube is also deleting videos they disagree with.

Doctors who believe the draconian lockdown is no longer necessary are removed from YouTube like the two physicians in California who were interviewed in the clip below. People keep putting the video back up. We will see how long this user’s clip will last. Their opinion is at least as good as any of these fly-by-night fact-checkers. The doctors in the video are also microbiologists who have conducted their own study with over 5,000 tests. It doesn’t mean we know they are right, only that they are legitimate and their study should be considered.

If we disagree, you have to at least be partly wrong!

They are rating comments that are accurate as partly true because they disagree. You see a lot of this on Facebook. A company called Aytu BioScience has found sunlight can kill coronavirus but if you say so in a video, you are rated false for saying it and the company’s study has been taken down. A NY Times tech editor had their video taken off YouTube and Twitter.

This is the video that is banned [It’s a legitimate study based on science]:

Any fact-checker who is part of the [left-wing] International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) is allowed to participate in the new information panels, the organization that Google recently committed to donating $1 million to. It’s how they make a name for themselves and have called three of our accurate memes on Facebook, “partly false.” Also, anyone can refer someone for review and these losers take one complaint seriously.

These censors treat us like stupid children they need to brainwash.

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3 years ago

How can propeller-heads censor board certified, practicing physicians?

Do they have a Holiday Inn on the YouTube campus?

the man with no name
the man with no name
3 years ago

Das Teevee is reporting about the “infodemic” of “misinformation” and those kooky conspiracy theorists.
Drooling dullard fam is searching for…why do people doubt the severity of COVID-19.
Bwahaha! Humanity is too soft weak and stupid to continue and deserves the socialistic scientific rule by “experts” dictatorship that only took six weeks to come to fruition.

Christian Gains
Christian Gains
3 years ago

This is TOTALLY (to be expected), & IS a SERIOUS threat to EITHER the IGNORANT…OR…to be used by LEFTISTS MINIONS!!

NOT just “LEFTISTS”, but their less than knowledgeable “MINIONS”!!! AND!!!


WE ALL NEED to be exposing this sort of TOTALITARIAN system that’s being developed!!!

(Just read the BOOK: “1984”…IT’S VERY CLEAR; & makes this SYSTEM more understandable…& VILE )!!!


3 years ago

First of all, YT makes their money on ads so quit using browsers that play their ads, like Brave.

With Google searches and YouTube there is a feedback option. Many times I have left feedback on searches when the results bear no resemblance to the search terms. I always include, “Learn to $*#&$% code”.