Cali SOS to use Fed tax $$ to get himself a senate seat and elect only Dems


The left’s lust for power outweighs their commitment to the truth and the law.

Top Republicans are demanding that the State of California return all federal money to the US Treasury that Secretary of State Padilla is trying to use for an illegal contract with a pro-Biden Democrat firm that contacts voters.

The $35 million contract violates the law, the Committee on Oversight Republicans stated in a letter to Keeley Martin Bosler, Finance Director of the California Department of Finance.

Secretary Padilla received $34 million in invoices from SKD for a voter contact contract. The secret, no-bid contract was awarded to the mastermind of Biden’s presidential campaign. They have a banner on their website regaling Joe and Kamala for “fighting for the soul of the nation.”

[They didn’t fight. Joe stayed in his basement and the unlikeable Kamala made few appearances.]

SKD worked on five Cali congressional races for Democrats in 2020. Now, Secretary Padilla is the front-runner for appointment to Cali’s open Senate seat left vacant by Kamala.

It is a clear conflict of interests to give SKD millions in federal tax dollars while they are advising only Democrats and pushing for him — Padilla.

Padilla plans to use Help America Vote grant money from the CARES Act to fund the Democrats SKD. The funds must be used to “prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus, domestically or internationally, for the 2020 Federal election cycle.” It doesn’t say to prepare for the Democrat wins everywhere in the state.

Instead of using the money to benefit all Californians during the pandemic, the Secretary is skirting the law to help himself and his allies.

It’s $400 million.

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