Soros DA wants a cold-blooded cop killer to get a light sentence


The new Soros-funded LA district attorney George Gascon, a Marxist, ruined San Francisco. He was a police chief turned DA who had never tried a case. Even in San Fran, he wasn’t going to be re-elected, so he went to LA and became the DA. Soros alone gave his campaign $2 million.


Under George Gascon, approximately 61 of the 140 or so attorneys left the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, 24 in the last 8 months of 2019 alone. More than half of those leaving in those final four years were women, and more than a third were people of color. You can’t prosecute under an inept manager.

San Francisco had the third-highest rate of violent crime in the state. Concerning property crime, San Francisco has the highest property crime rate. Despite this high level of crime, San Francisco ranks 46th in arrest rates.

Reputationally, San Francisco is now widely regarded as the place where you can commit a crime and get away with it.


Gascon is already embroiled in controversies. He is eliminating misdemeanors as crimes and ending all special circumstances and enhancements. It won’t take long for him to destroy LA.

A case has just come up that, without these enhancements, will set a cop killer free in record time.

In June 2019, police say Rhett Nelson shot LASD deputy Joseph Gilbert Solano in cold blood, without any prior contact. The lunatic walked up behind the deputy and shot him in the back of the head while he was waiting in line at an Alhambra Jack in the Box while off-duty. Deputy Solano died in the hospital.

Police say just one hour before that, Nelson shot and killed 31-year-old Russian skateboarder Dmitry Koltsov.  He did it for no reason except to kill him.

Dimitriy Koltsov

The enhancements involving the unlawful use of a gun and multiple murders would have put the killer in jail for life. Gascon now demands all special circumstances be dropped. That would allow this very dangerous cop killer and killer of two people — a cold-blooded murderer — to get out in fifteen years or less.

Officer Solano

Soros funds these people to destroy the United States justice system and he is doing a bang-up job. Soros is a communist and he destroys things. That is what he does and has done it around the world.



The attorneys in Gascon’s office are being ordered to read this letter to the judges telling them special circumstances and enhancements are harmful to public safety.


Deputy Solano’s sister, Christina, was devastated. Bother her parents and her brother all died last year.

“I question why this happened to him every single day,” she said. “I miss him every day. After he passed away, six months later, I had to bury my mom, and so I lost a dad, a brother and I lost my mom all in one year and the hardest part is losing Joey because at least I knew he would still be here today, and now all my family is gone.”

Rhett Nelson

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