WEF Planning Documents Exposed– The New World Order Is Here


Rebel News, a conservative Canadian outfit, obtained planning documents that hint at the true goals of The World Economic Forum led by Klaus Schwab. The documents suggest using COVID instability to restructure society, cancel oil and gas development, and censor the Internet.

Klaus Schwab with a bust of Lenin on the shelf behind him.

The 50th meeting of the Forum is titled, The Great Reset, which in itself strongly suggests they intend to be world planners. They have thousands of leaders and thousands of infiltrators in governments throughout the world.

Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and his deputy Christa Freeland are deeply involved in the principles of global cooperation. It’s more than that. Canada appears to be the trial run for the new ideology. It could explain the Trudeau administration’s bizarre and extreme authoritarian reaction to the trucker convoy.

Rebel News contends that the World Economic Forum has a script that Canada is following to “build back better.” The excerpts below – pointed out by the Rebel News narrator – demonstrate how they align with the script that Trudeau is following. The clip has more insight.

You’ll recognize the terms and the goals:

“The fourth meeting is intended to finalize and agree upon a set of principles for global cooperation created by the WEF and further developed at previous meetings: (1) strengthen global cooperation; (2) re-globalize equitably; (3) rebuild sustainability; (4) deepen public-private partnerships; (5) increase global resilience; (6) promote peace and security; and (7) promote gender equality.”

Here’s a swipe at Donald Trump who is not cooperative with the NWO:

“Further deterioration of US-China relations has impacted the nature and scope of international cooperation, including, among others, within the G20, the UN Security Council, and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Trudeau responded to this immediately, keep reading:

“Others have used the disruption to increase domestic control and suppress dissent. This may result in a rise of social unrest, particularly in regions where trust between citizens and government was already weak.”

“We know that when all people, regardless of their gender, race, income, ethnicity, age, or migratory status, can fully benefit from and participate in economic, political, social, and cultural life, we build safer, more prosperous, equitable, and more sustainable communities and countries.”

“We know that when all people, regardless of their gender, race, income, ability, ethnicity, age or migratory status can fully benefit from and participate in economic, political, social, and cultural life, we build safer, more prosperous, equitable, and more sustainable communities and countries.”

“Third, and related to this last point, respect for human rights, gender equality and inclusion must be at the center of all efforts to contain and combat the spread and recover from this pandemic.”

Trudeau immediately announced measures to advance gender equality [and open borders] worldwide. Rebel News sees it as Trudeau following their script.

This and other comments build up to the following that suggests nothing must interfere with gender bizarreness, and open borders:

“The response to COVID-19 must not, therefore, be allowed to reproduce or perpetuate existing social norms that fuel inequalities and social unrest. This applies to the online sphere, notably as technology has come to permeate everyday life at an accelerated pace in places than was the case before.”

Trudeau then introduced two online censorship bills – following the script.

It’s not only Trudeau using the pandemic (and now the Ukraine-Russia war) to cancel fossil fuels more quickly, it’s also Joe Biden and other European nations.

Next up on excerpts exposing their exploitation of the pandemic. The lockdowns furthered their predicted supply chain issues:

“We also need to build back greener, by using this moment to advance climate adaptation and mitigation objectives, preservation of environment and biodiversity, including building more resilient supply chains and promoting a green transition.”

“The pandemic has exposed vulnerabilities in our international”system, shedding light on where we can build back better and what is needed to ensure a future where no one is left behind.

“Canada views the 20230 Agenda as a comprehensive framework for responding to and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, and building more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable societies that can help to prevent and better withstand future crises and shocks?

Basically, it seems like they are manufacturing a lot of problems to get what they want– worldwide control.

“Sustainable development recognizes the need to balance economic interests with environmental stewardship and social cohesion. It is time to shift to a greener way of thinking about economic growth and understand that building back better requires us to build back greener.

“Just as environmentally conscious policies and practices are a pre-requisite to sustainable development, so is achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.

If they wanted empowerment of women and girls, they wouldn’t have men and boys competing with them in sports and going into their bathrooms and lockerrooms despite still keeping their genitals.

Intersectionality and Dire Situation:

“Intersectional gender-based analyses are critical to ensuring that our actions have maximum effectiveness and impact. Initiatives that exclude or discriminate only further exacerbate an already dire situation and further risk hard-won development gains.

“Climate change remains a top priority for Canada, even in the midst of this global pandemic. COVID-19 is testing the resilience of populations and economies around the world — and as with the impacts of climate change, the poorest and most vulnerable people in both developed and developing countries are often the hardest hit.

“We know that we must do more to address climate change, which is why Canada has committed to bring forward new measures to exceed our 2030 target and achieve net-zero by 2050 and reach net zero-emissions by 2050.”

Trudeau then put forward a $9 billion climate plan targeting Alberta’s economy. It certainly would make it easier for them to take away private property. And it certainly looks like a script.

If this all comes to pass, it will be far worse than the totalitarian regimes that preceded this. It will involve the entire world this time and the elites have the technology to track us, take our money, and do whatever they want to us.

What do you think?


Visit Rebel News for more on the story and read the documents on this link.

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1 year ago

Trudeau is a tyrant pure and simple. You only need to look at what he has did with the injustices don to peaceful truckers convoy. He it’s the Castro demons in his bloodline. He speaks of your children; what children the jabb makes everyone sterile! This is her NAZI propaganda from the WEF Schwann led push to make everyone an online d vice on the block chain. Let the granny’s be trannys if you like them to be free but do not let the Tyrants run every aspect of your lives and remove all liberties. Whether you realize it or not you are in a war and more lions very possibly will die if you let this pretty boy and his NAZI fake JEW overload d control your. Freedom to remain alive on your own terms and your geography along with all its wild life, natural majestic beauty and mineral and petroleum resources for the benefit of the eccentric central bankers cabal.