California Bans Non-Electric Locomotives Without a Plan


According to The San Francisco Chronicle, California will require zero-emissions for all switch, industrial and passenger locomotives built after 2030 and for all freight line locomotives built after 2035.

This is going to be the alternative to trucks and cars.

Any non-zero emissions locomotive that is 23 years old or more will not be allowed to operate in the state past 2030.

The regulations also require train operators to open a spending account by July 2024 that they must deposit into every year to purchase or lease cleaner diesel trains and buy zero-emissions infrastructure. Operators that generate more pollutants are required to deposit more into the spending account, and the amount required to be deposited would also increase every year.

Fox News reports, On Thursday, the California Air Resource Board (CARB), a state agency tasked with protecting air quality and reducing harmful pollution, announced that it would pursue aggressive regulations to limit freight train emissions. The so-called In-Use Locomotive Regulation makes California the first state to tackle freight train emissions which represent just 0.5% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, according to federal data.

None of this is voted on by taxpayers even though it will affect the entire country. It’s a rule. Congress might as well be defunct.


Do they have any written plan with estimates of what this will cost, how it will affect interstate commerce, or what it will do to deliveries, time constraints, storage of solar and wind, and refueling throughout the country? Is there a plan?

The answer is NO!

Also, from Fox News Online:

“There is no clear path to zero emissions locomotives,” the Association of American Railroads said in a statement after the regulation was approved.

“Mandating that result ignores the complexity and interconnected nature of railroad operations and the reality of where zero emission locomotive technology and the supporting infrastructure stand,” it continued.

California politicians didn’t consult with the people who are ordered to do it.


We’ve already seen how well California worked out the Train to Nowhere. The zero emissions rule will create more trains to nowhere. Currently, after years of effort and billions of taxpayer dollars, the train to nowhere is a 7-hour slog.

The total project cost of the California High-Speed Rail (CAHSR) is now projected at $113 billion. By the decade’s end, they will have completed 164 miles and only completed 117 miles so far. It’s a train to nowhere, but in the future, there will be the availability of lots of transfers to conventional trains, and it will end in a bus ride.

There is no bigger boondoggle -until now.

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