NYC’s Brannan Bill Will Charge Rich People More for Civil Infractions


Check out The StreetsNYC to know how far New York City has sunk. With all due respect for writer David Meyer’s opinion, his idea that charging rich people more for tickets is a “fine idea” is terrible. The Left thinks French Revolutionism is a grand idea.

Council Member Justin Brannan wants to give the city the power to charge richer people more for civil infractions like illegal parking or speeding. This is political, not American.

The author writes:

Automated enforcement, for all its proven benefits, does little to stop drivers for whom a $50 speeding ticket is a drop in the financial bucket. The same goes for parking tickets. Brannan’s new bill doesn’t specify which civil violations should be meted out based on income, but he told the Daily News he thought parking should be top of the list.

“Fines should be high enough to discourage people from breaking laws that endanger or inconvenience our neighbors but low enough that they don’t arbitrarily upend anyone’s life,” said Brannan (D-Bay Ridge).

“Why should the guy who double parked his 1988 Toyota pay the same as the guy with the 2024 Bentley?”

What are they going to charge a billionaire to make it hurt – a million dollars? And who gets to decide? Do judges get to decide that too? They’re practically running the country now.

And a black person pays what? This is nonsense. Just stop.

People who get speeding tickets get points and risk their licenses. That’s the deterrent.

The rich will pay off one of the many crooked judges in the City and still won’t pay. Class warfare is ugly. It’s Marxist wealth redistribution for tickets. Mr. Brannan wants us to be like socialist Europe instead of Constitutional Republic USA.

This will encourage more wealthier people to leave, probably to a red state, but they will still vote for these same fools.

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