California Bill Will Take President Trump Off the Ballot in 2020


California lawmakers plan to pass a bill taking Donald Trump off the ballot in 2020. They passed the same bill two years ago and other liberal states are doing the same although it’s obviously unconstitutional.

It is very possible Governor Gavin Newsom will sign it whereas former Governor Jerry Brown would not. He said he would “evaluate” the bill based on its “own merits.”

He should base it on the rule of law, the Constitution.

It’s not as if President Trump could ever win Commiefornia, they are lost, but it would be nice if they paid some small attention to the Constitution.

In a 27-10 vote, the state Senate voted to require a candidate to show 5 years of tax returns to land on the ballot.

Democrats are focusing on the President’s finances and his tax returns after the Mueller report didn’t pan out. They really have nothing and are out fishing again.

The Washington Times reported that California’s presidential primary is scheduled for March 3rd. The bill could keep him off the primary ballot. If passed, every candidate will be affected.

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