Trump’s Manhattan Trial Early Edition with David Pecker


We left off earlier discussing the hours wasted on violations of the gag order. Alvin Bragg didn’t ask Judge Merchan to imprison Donald Trump yet, but he does want $11,000 for talking about his accusers. with retruths and comments he made this morning.

Prison is still on the table if he continues to try and defend himself. Judge Merchan continually berated Trump’s attorneys and appears biased. He didn’t like the case they presented, so he insinuated they weren’t credible. He told Todd Blanche he was “losing credibility with the court.”

Former Enquirer editor David Pecker testified that no written agreement or evidence of an agreement exists anywhere. He said it was just verbal and understood. Bascially, he is on the stand gossiping. Well, he is experienced. He ran the gossip rag, the National Enquirer, that once claimed various politicians were aliens from outer space.

The attorneys began their opening statements by humanizing President Trump and treating him respectfully.

They stated that President Trump is innocent. President Trump did not commit any crimes. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office should never have brought this case.

The defense said they would call him “President” Trump for the remainder of the trial out of respect for his service to the country.

They added that President Trump is a man, a husband, a father, and a person, just like you and just like me.

David Pecker testified that he was the one who told President Trump that women might come to him with stories because Trump was a popular bachelor.

Trump was just planning a campaign run, but Pecker and Cohen were worried about women coming forward.

In other words, none of this was President Trump’s idea.

Pecker called Trump a “very good man” and told President Trump if he witnessed anything, he’d be his “eyes and ears.”

Pecker isn’t even involved in the Stormy case. He was involved in the McDougal case.

In any case, this isn’t about DJT sleeping with a hooker. It’s about him signing a form in the NDA Stormy case 34 times, recording it as a “legal expense.” The prosecution made each one a felony, although no such crime is on the books.

If you didn’t watch this when we posted it earlier, you might want to now.


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