California Wants to Give Black People $223K per Person for Slavery


Gavin Newsom’s reparations committee is winding down and will recommend handing out $223,200 per person to all descendants of slaves in California for “housing discrimination.”

They estimate the cost of this absurd idea at $569 billion. That’s more than the entire state expenditure in 2021.

That is more than California’s $ 512.8 billion expenditure in 2021. That expenditure included funding for schools, hospitals, universities, highways, policing, and corrections.

California didn’t even have slavery.

Nearly 6.5% of California residents, or 2.5 million, are Black or African American.

A bill signed by Gavin Newsom in 2020 allowed this extremism. The idea comes out of Pan-African Marxism.

It’s insane to make people who never had slaves pay restitution to people who were never slaves.

The task force has also identified four other causes for reparations: Mass incarceration, unjust property seizures, devaluation of Black businesses, and health care.

Mass incarceration is because they are committing the crimes. As for health care, that’s a lie. In the case of all four, the people who would have to pay up didn’t do anything to hurt the people who would receive the benefits and didn’t earn it.

The panel doesn’t know if they will give cash, housing, or tuition.

After a task force meeting in September, Newsom vetoed a bill that would have extended the committee’s life.

“[The bill which would extend] is a betrayal of Black Americans,” said Tiffany Quarles, a member of the audience during one hearing, CalMatters reported. “We’ve been waiting for 400 years. We do not need an extension.”

They’ve been waiting 400 years? They’re older than they look.

This is just ridiculous. Slavery lasted from 1776 to 1865. The country didn’t exist before 1776. Most nations had slavery. This is a complete fraud. It’s leftist wealth redistribution.

The U.S. is simply on a suicidal path. We don’t have the money to fund all ideas the far-far-left Democrats have.

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