California Won’t Allow Tanning Beds for Minors, But Transitioning’s OK


WOKE and hard Left, California advanced a bill to make it a sanctuary for transgender kids and their parents.  Minors can’t get a tan in a tanning bed, but they can have their breasts and penis’s cut off in California.

In a 48 to 16 vote, Sen. Scott Weiner (D-Calif) announced the legislation that will “protect and grant refuge” to transgender children and their parents who “flee” conservative states such as Texas for California.  They will allow all manner of transitioning, including sex-change surgeries and hormone blockers for children.

Everything the Left does is never extreme enough. Liberalism was hijacked by extremists.

The bill will allow children to undergo life-alternating sex-change surgery and take medication that will disrupt their natural puberty growth. This is their plan for transitioning children who don’t fully understand the ramifications.

Meanwhile according to Florida Medicaid data, the rate of the children taking puberty blockers has increased by 270 percent. And the number of minors in Florida taking testosterone for gender dysphoria spiked 166 percent while the number of kids receiving estrogen rose by 110 percent.

ACHA collected the data.

AHCA spokesperson Brock Juarez told Fox News Digital that children receiving pharmaceutical and surgical treatments for gender dysphoria far outweighed children who are receiving behavioral health treatments for gender dysphoria.

“This is a concerning statistic and potentially indicative of a medical community increasingly focused on promoting treatments found to be experimental and investigational with the potential for harmful long-term effects, including brain swelling and aneurysm,” he expressed.

Transitioning is dangerous but the perverse people in charge don’t care, and pretend it’s not.

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