Reading and Math Scores Plummet in the US, Remember Who to Thank


The facts are in and they’re horrific. School children lost years due to the pandemic, societal problems, and politics if their latest scores are any indication.

The Education Department’s test scores post-pandemic are abysmal. Students in fourth grade reveal the worst drop in math and reading scores in decades.

Scores released Thursday show unprecedented drops on the long-term trends tests that are part of the National Assessment of Educational Progress, known as the “Nation’s Report Card.” The tests are administered to U.S. students age 9, the Wall Street Journal reports.

It’s more than a pandemic problem experts say and it will take a generation to rebound. The lost years set crucial foundations for the future.

The scores of lower-performing students are most troubling and could take decades to bounce back, said Dr. Aaron Pallas, professor of Sociology and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University.

“I don’t think we can expect to see these 9-year-olds catch up by the time they leave high school,” he said, referring to the lower-performing students. “This is not something that is going to disappear quickly.”

Average scores in reading for 2022 declined to 215 out of a possible 500, falling five points from 2020. Math scores fell seven points, to 234. The results mark the largest drop in reading scores since 1990 and the first decline in math scores since the test began in 1971. Math and reading scores for the exam are now at their lowest levels since the 1990s.

The drops in test scores were roughly four times greater among the students who were the least proficient in both math and reading. Gaps in performance in math between Black and white students also grew. Scores among Asian students were the only bright spot: they improved by one point in reading.

Regionally, scores took the biggest dive in the Midwest and Northeast, where cumulative reading and math scores fell 16 and 15 points, respectively. Scores were strongest across the West, where they fell five points. In the South they fell by 13 points.


Remember to thank Dr. Anthony Fauci who didn’t care a bit about businesses or children. He lied to keep the lockdowns going.

The lockdowns, quarantines, and other school restrictions were far worse for children than COVID ever would have been. Also, teacher absences were serious problems as well as the societal problems in schools.


The lowest performers on the test reported having less access to computers and teachers.

There was plenty of money for schools – $190 billion – but it was frittered away.

Why isn’t anyone mentioning the teacher’s union? Who can forget how they refused to go back to work thanks to the communist teacher’s unions demanding all kinds of extreme perks and protections.

How about next time, we lock down the sick people, not those who are well.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
9 months ago

This Weingarten woman is a longtime ally, supporter, and associate of none other than the world-banned and sinister George Soros.

9 months ago

Suggestion for parents! McGuffey’s Readers. Go to Amazon and read the reviews. Before Carter’s DOE McGuffey readers were replaced with “See Dick Run” “See Spot Run” … It was a down grade.

9 months ago

America has the most expensive low performing Public School System in the World for two reasons.

First is the Department of Education. As soon as the Federal Government gets involved in something, it turns to shit! The Federal Government believes it can fix things by throwing money at it. When you throw money at problems you make them worse because mediocrity and incompetence gets rewarded. Private and Parochial Grammar Schools and High Schools better educate our children for half the cost because they are in competition with each other. To correct this, the Department of Education needs to be abolished and States should go to a voucher system and privatize education. We need to inject Competition into learning again!

The second problem is Teacher Unions. Let’s face it, Teachers are people who can’t get real jobs. Unions protect the Mediocre. Notice that High Tech People don’t need or want Union representation. They are paid well because their skills are in demand. Teaching should be a second career by accomplished individuals who understand what it takes to excel in life and have done above average in life. All teachers should have at least 20 years of experience in the non-academic or government Work Force. Most teachers I have to deal with have never held a Real Job. Their whole life has been in Academia; surrounded by other teachers and children. These people think like children. How do we educate our children to be functional adults when they are being taught by people how have never really grown up. When I read my daughter’s High School text book, it’s like reading something on the 4th grade level and much of the information is Liberal Propaganda that lacks many important facts. Some information is just plain factually wrong, especially History! The problem with uneducated educators is they don’t know how classroom theory is applied in the real world. Routinely, over the years, my daughter has asked why do I have to learn this? I show her or explain how the theory is used in the real world and get the response – “Why couldn’t my teacher tell me that?”

The worst thing about people in Government and Academia is they are “Educated” and think they know all that is knowable. They studied it! Both these groups get really upset when smarter people with true worldwide first hand experience and knowledge enter the room. This is why “educators” don’t want you to know what they are teaching your children; they are teaching a lot of theoretical garbage!

I have three Associate of Science Degrees. Liberal Arts is for Losers! I picked educational institutions that hired people who actually worked in the fields I studied and had verifiable track records. I’m retired now, but never had a problem finding work. I haven’t had a resume’ on the Street since 2005, but still get calls and emails from Head Hunters asking if I would consider coming back into the work force. They offer very good salaries. Why can’t business find people in their 30s or 40s to do the work? It’s because our educational system isn’t educating them to be competent, well educated, mature workers. America’s workforce went to college to party for 4, 5, 6 years or more and then they didn’t think they needed to learn anything again! We can educate our children to be function and competent adults with a High School Education. We just need to take back our schools from Government and Academics and put education in the hands of accomplished businessmen. Your Local School Boards need to be nothing but accomplished retired businessmen and leading edge technical people. A modern nation needs less than 10% college graduates, and over 50% technicians and equipment operators.

9 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Guv you could have just slimmed that down to abolish the DOE and quit funding colleges. Universities charge so much no need for gov. involvement. Carter was an azz to to even bring it to fruition. Then again his whole term was wrong.

9 months ago
Reply to  rkoz

Understanding why is important!