“Californian” Pelosi Fiddles Faux Impeachment Tune As her State Burns



Imagine you’re a voting taxpayer living in one of the many parts of California affected by another round of devastating, deadly wildfires.  Consider how you’d feel watching fellow Californian, and the most powerful woman in America, continually ignoring the plight of your/her state, in favor of an impeachment circus.  

You’re one of the millions of people who have either lost electricity or had their power preemptively shut down.  It’s awful learning that hundreds of thousands of fellow residents are being ordered to evacuate, as homes, businesses, lives and dreams, literally go up in smoke.  

But what’s increasingly infuriating is these heartbreaking personal and economic tragedies have, on a national level, been mostly buried under illegally “leaked testimony” from a bunch of handpicked, anti-Trump bureaucrats, no one has ever heard of.  Worse still, you understand, rather than publicly calling for help, the architect behind this burial of nation-wide front-page news is none other than your state’s “favorite daughter”, Nancy Pelosi.  

Given all this, no one could blame Californians who are beginning to visualize an image of detached House Speaker Pelosi metaphorically “fiddling” a faux impeachment tune, while her state literally burns.  



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