California’s beautiful waterways have dangerous levels of fecal matter


California’s waterways are filled with dangerous levels of fecal matter as the state races to socialist third-world status.

Some of California’s most beautiful rivers, beaches and streams are contaminated with fecal bacteria that exceed state limits. Kayakers, swimmers, and the state’s reputation are all at risk.

Water quality officials agree that the source of at least some of the fecal bacteria is California’s growing homeless population, most of whom don’t have reliable access to toilets. [or, they don’t want to use toilets]

California Healthline writes:

“Fecal contamination of waterways is a widespread problem and becoming more urgent in states with large homeless populations. In Seattle, homeless people living in RVs are accused of dumping raw sewage straight into storm drains, which flows directly to local waterways. In Oregon, workers cleaning up homeless camps along the Willamette River in Eugene routinely find feces and needles.”

In 2019, Cali had more than 150,000 homeless and the number is growing quickly. About 72% prefer not to use shelters and they sleep outside.

Watch Tucker’s series on San Fran in decline:

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

This their plan for America.

Flotmorton p. Gildersleeve
Flotmorton p. Gildersleeve
3 years ago

Yes, and Nancy Pelosi is floating around on her raft selling Pelosi Pooper Scoopers. How incredible that ANY AMERICAN can support the Dem party now. (I was a Dem for many years but I would not support Obama were he to run for volunteer dog catcher nor would I support the murdererESS Hillary were she to run for volunteer kennel cleaner. We must take action to force Mexico, (with our help, to stop the flow of pure unadulterated Democrat feces into the beautiful Pacific Ocean just south of Coronado.
WAKE UP AMERICANS AND STOP DRINKING THE KOOL AID and wonder how QUID PRO JOE accepted a billion dollar bribe from communist china after giving the Obama’s approval for them to establish a MILITARY base on the artificail island they built in the south sea??
Then, the traitor-idiot Biden gets up in fornt of the American People and says: “folks” communist china is no threat……………………………………………………………………………are you awake, my fellow Americans??

Jean Andre Vallery
Jean Andre Vallery
3 years ago

Does the ocean water flow north? Then the constant flow from Tijuana river into the ocean just south of imperial beach California sending tremendous amounts heavy metals, fecal matter I more of the source than a few homeless taking a crap. Don’t forget New River flowing into imperial county at calexio city’s border isn’t safe for all of imperial county, El Centro. The foam can be seen just below the border crossing at Calexio.