Call Her Fishself! This Person Says She’s a Fishgender


The person in the TikTok clip identifies as fishgender and uses toy/toyself/fishself pronouns. You and I are expected to act as if this is normal and refer to her or it or whatever with these designated pronouns.

Gender pronouns are just a way to control us and make us jump through hoops. It’s better to ignore it or we all start to look crazy.

This fish person says “they, them, theirs” are perfectly fine. “‘Toy, toys, toyself, these are main pronouns. Thank you for respecting my identity,”  she blasts out of the clip.

“Fish, fishs, fishself, I’ve actively associated with fishgender for a long time (my name Was fish for years) so this pronoun set is very comfortable and nice for me! Thank you.”

Look, she can do whatever she wants, but you do a disservice to pretend this is normal. Just say ‘no’ to the pronouns and the idea of a fishgender.

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